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ok, so operation Fliers Posting at OU was a success. I posted 32 fliers all over campus, hopefully that will bring some more people to the tourney.

I will out and about this weekend posting fliers for the tournament.  Any suggestions of places to post please lemme know.  Im sending fliers to a handful of High Schools, and to the local Colleges.  If i get time I will run some Down to OU.

Fury, I live in Norman and was planning on posting a massive amounts of fliers at OU and some high schools in Norman. So I guess we got it covered either way.  :)

Btw, is there a Facebook event already created for this? If not I can create one.

I'm going to bring a PS3 and a monitor for the Plasma Burn tourney, so we will have at least one PS3 there up and running.
I'll be there. You know PS TRIPLE is the better console. yeah, that's right, I want to start a console war!

Yeah, good tournament, and getting Hilde'd out was definitely not fun. I did want to play some casual matches with pretty much everybody, mostly Link and his bros, and MJ, but I had to run back to Norman to go to bed cause I had to get up early for work.

I am definitely going to the Mustang tourney (provided they have a PS3). Hope to see all of you there.

AnimeFreak, your Kilik was impressive. We have to play online.

X_A, good job on organizing the event, yet again. Just one suggestion, since SC IV is now on multiple consoles, tournament announcements should clearly specify (when possible) what console the game will be played on.

Looks like good competition. Hopefully I'll be able to make it, my car is not very reliable, but we'll see.

hmm, that looks like a really well organized SCIV tourney. I think I'll probably show up. Hopefully there will be good competition.

Sounds good and gratz on winning the tournament saif and the Meta knight.

I have no respect for anyone the plays MK in tournaments.


The message I sent Josh wasn't about winning the tournament, it was about the best compliment evar lol.

I played a guy towards the end that was using a Fox iirc for a main.  Could have been Toon, but I think it was Fox.  Anyway - when I beat him he switched to MK - aka Meta Knight.  At that point I lost one match on PT statdium due to some awesome decisions on my part lol.  I countered by going to FD, and beating his MK with Rob... which point, last hit being Rob's neutral air - he exclaimed that I sir, was cheap :)

I could barely make it out, so I said "I hope you didn't just say I was cheap."  And then we shook hands, and as he started to walk off said that yea, he did call it cheap.  I let him know anyone that uses a character that is about to be banned, could barely be calling anything I do cheap :)  (And for the record, I used a fairly healthy Rob, nothing really whored other than maybe c-stick down a bit :))

Anyway - at that point I just had to send Josh a message about the compliment of the day lool.

The event overall - was more 'gaming' than gamer focused.  As a result of that things didn't quite get handled as OKgamers would usually do it for the hardcore, vs casual.  Good times were had, and that is what matters in the end :)

Raidenwins - thanks!  And yea, MK = Meta Knight in SSBB.  And even if it was a small tournament (alot of would be tournament goers were either ran off by the guy you played in losers, myself, or of course cost heh) it was good times, and I AM buying a PS3 stick AS we speak lol.  My poor X doesn't do well on a pad -_-;


Duh, I feel stupid now, lol.

So does that mean you are getting a PS3 also? If yes, we should get some games online. Hopefully the lag won't be bad.

I am originally an MK player, I started my online gaming "career" with MK: Deception which was a pretty good fighter. I used to main Raiden then, that's where my handle comes from. But after MK Armageddon (which was a total piece of gaming crap) came out I migrated to Soul Calibur, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter. The last MK game that just came out seems rather mediocre, looks like I'll be sticking with Soul Calibur at least for a while.

btw, the tournament was good despite the low turnout. Had some good fights and learned a few new things. Congrats to Saif for winning.

I don't think anybody has mentioned which version of the game are we playing? PS3 or XBox 360? I play the PS3 version and will bring my controller. I haven't played the 360 version.

that's ok. there is another tourney on the same day anyway.

awesome! So how do we get the pass, do we just show up there or do we have to pre-order or something? also, how do we prove we are OKGamers members? I mean, we pretty much all know each other, but still. I guess we just tell them our username?

I'll probably show up to that.

Any chance there will be other games at the tourney, such as Soul Calibur IV?

PSN: Raidenwins0

Hey X_A,

Thanks for all the hard work you are doing for the SC community. Can't wait to see the videos.

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