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dragon do you live in tulsa?

Yea come out this friday and get some games in. bring your disks and 360. We usually play on asus vh236 monitors (tournament standard). We are definately willing to help. do you have facebook?

we will be there tues

Well im in on this trip. We just need to find some one in tulsa with a vehicle to carpool. If I had one  that would hold enough people I would do it. Also this will be a lil pricey trip. Just to enter two games would be like 45$ plus gas,food, and hotel. Lets get this going tulsa. Tourny is hella close.

Tournament Aftermath / Re: Alien Games, SSF4
« on: April 26, 2011, 03:14:37 am »
I dunno about people just hanging. Thats a good question. Might call them and ask

Tournament Aftermath / Re: Alien Games, SSF4
« on: April 25, 2011, 09:09:41 pm »
Im going. Also ig your for sure entering you can come at 5 for casuals before hand

Single cab truck here

I will be picking up my te mk9 at the riverside loc

Well lets start a car pool. Anyone with a vehicle big enough. Im willing to throw in some green

Yea I can pick you up

I can do that also

I will bring my asus,360,ssf4 &mvc3

Well I have decided to drive. Anyone need a ride and wanna chip in for gas  I have one empty seat for a fellow tulsaner

Im looking for a ride to ark im willing to pitch in on everything

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