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General Chat / Ipod touch to replace your DS?
« on: February 14, 2010, 05:46:22 pm »
How do you guys feel about the argument of iPod touch being a legitimate rival to the nintendo DS....i have not played with a DS period so i cant speak on that but having spent a good amount of time with the iPod, i can say for basically 250 bucks (200=ipod / 50=itunes*app store gift card), someone may not like that price for a device with 100+ different "one-trick ponies" (i have about 180 apps last time i checked)

if you do own an ipod touch, the games i found fun and interesting are
-NBA Hotshots
-Bubble Wrap
-Pocket God (Favorite Favorite)
-Traffic Rush
-Glow Hockey (favorite)
-Doodle Jump
-Gamebox 24-in-1 (1 dollar for 24 seperate full games)
-Jungle Crash
-Mouse About

***some of these cost .99 and up now...they were on sale (FREE) for different promotions at the time of download (  AND


Fighting Gamers / DG's M.U.G.E.N. Thread
« on: January 23, 2010, 04:06:38 am »
well guys and girls...thanks to the numerous questions I received in my previous topic...(sarcasm is cool)... I'm going to try my best to describe mugen and help in anyway I can... **THIS IS JUST A QUICK RUNDOWN

First off... pronunciation: me personally, I say "mugen" = pokemon character + street fighter character
              I have heard(on youtube vids) it pronounced "mugen" = cow sound + liquor

5 W's


Who created M.U.G.E.N?- Elecbyte
What is it?- 2D freeware fighting engine
Where?- on your computer...I don't know, skip this one
When was it released?-1999
Why do I like it? because its free and the only thing I have is a laptop

Mugen is highly customizable...screenpacks(30 characters or 1000+ characters), stages , characters (name 'em and they probably got 'em), music (your own if you choose), lifebars, power bars(guard cancel,break and such)

Downloading mugen is quick and easy...the safest place is from the horse's mouth

When I first got into mugen a couple of years ago, there were a few more helpful videos on youtube available for newbies like me to download full games...I remember a Marvel vs Capcom 3 build, SNK vs Capcom Ultimate Mugen, Dragon Ball Z Mugen, and a XL-Mugen (1245 characters :o). Since then, all videos have been edited or deleted and no longer contain the liinks...I did manage to save all the above mentioned builds except the DBZ if anyone would like one I can get it for you (expect it to take a while)...

Notes-- New characters like Electra may just be edits of old characters... ex: Electra= Psylocke with modifications... Rambo= Guile with modifications...their still good, playable characters, some may just look and see original character..."That's not Dante from DMC, thats just Rock from Cap vs SNK with a

Notable Characters (from who I have played with)
-Evil Ryu and Evil Ken
-Symbiote Onslaught
-Dragon Claw
-Angel Ken
-Jean Grey-Phoenix-Dark Phoenix
-Dhalsims, yes the 's' is correct
-Wolvenom, Wolverine + Venom =  ;D
-Rare Akuma
-Amalgam characters
==Iron Lantern
==Super Soldier
-Shadowlady (Dark Chun-li)
-Fantastic Four

If you do your own info surfing on mugen, you may come across these characters...
-"KFM" or Kung Fu Man
-Guilty Gear
-Super Mario (different versions)
-Aliens vs Predator

Now I'm going to touch on the subject brought up by newkillergenius, crashing and doing it often...
This happens because something is flawed within the game that maybe you selected i.e. stage or character...I usually look at the mini error report screen and eventually delete the problem...I still get errors but not as many as I used to...From my experience, there are 2 types of crashes: getting all the way to selecting characters then ERROR right before the match loads(these kinds are no longer a problem for me), OR in the middle of fighting, "MUGEN has stopped working" message(I still get these errors) don't know why...

any questions I will be happy to can also check out my youtube channel for mugen battle vids. There are a few of the characters I mentioned above showcased if you wanna see them in action...I plan on uploading more videos soon

UPDATE** (Jan 25)- I just so happen to receive my usb to HD adapter from eBay, which means I have a few available mugen builds if anyone wants one...I have a way of getting the files to you, I just want to know if anyone has any suggestions for sharing a file? Thanks in advance

here's a few builds I do have:
-Marvel vs. Capcom 3
-SNK vs Capcom Ultimate
-EVE Battle (everything vs everything)
-Marvel Super Heroes
-Super Marvel vs Capcom
-2 blank (blue title screen & white title screen)

**Note** I will not send full games...only builds (probably still in rar form)...if you want characters, I play mostly with marvel vs capcom styled people, a few cap vs snk, and a few "novelties": predator, peter griffin, Zero (MMX4)... just so you know what to expect...if you want DBZ or other anime...i can show you where to find 'em

General Chat / Mugen
« on: January 17, 2010, 03:33:19 pm »
just a quick anyone a Mugen fan in here?...not the cars (i get that from a few of my friends)...but the 2D fighting engine on windows

General Chat / What would be your "worst game ever" ?
« on: November 09, 2009, 06:59:44 pm »
I'm just curious... Devil May Cry 2 would take my vote...but thats just me lol

anyone interested in those Dreamcast classics?? i could care less about who pwns who, i would spend a whole paycheck to get those games, a couple of DC setups and have a tournament/party here in Lawton... if there was enough buzz i would be 100% behind this

General Chat / Am I the only person in the room from Lawton? *echo*echo*
« on: November 08, 2009, 02:17:02 pm »
i know there's gamers here but it feels like im the only one joined to this site...i found okgamers by searching google for tournaments in OK...mostly play fighting games but at this point i'll game with anyone over any game

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