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I know this is probably the wrong spot to put this reply, and i apologize =D, but my friend and I are looking for community service hours for school, possibly from TnT or Defcon and I've been on 1-800-volunteer to look at the volunteer opportunities and they all require a minimum age of 18.  Well heh, i'm 16, and my friend is 17 and i was wondering if there were any other opportunities for us.

I'm sure X_A can answer this particularly better than I can, but as for now OKgamers is working in conjunction with 1800Volunteers only. Later, I assume, if we are able to get with any other volunteer programs we will, but for the time being it's only the above mentioned.


ChingC - Rislone - moved your posts :)

--- Quote from: X_A on July 24, 2008, 02:58:13 am ---Not in one of these cities, or going to a different college or school?
As an official source for these colleges through, we've found Union High School of Tulsa, and several other schools have recognized us as well as a source for volunteer hours!  So, if you're not going to a school listed?  Simply approach your councilor about the site, our efforts and who has already approved us, and allow them to approve us on a case by case basis.  Also, if you would, ask them to consider us a permanent solution for approval, so we can add them to the official list and help more students!

--- End quote ---

So that's my answer.  If you want to volunteer not through VC / 1800 however, you need to be OKgamers staff, or directly through the events.  Going through events - is best if you want to work with us one time - simply contact them, let them know you want to volunteer, and then go through our contact form so I have your info.  If your going to work with OKgamers again in the future, you'll need to be staff.  Staff have some rules / etc - so if your fine with them, we can go that route.  Simply click the staff link in this thread's first post to read up more.

Rislone - you are right, we are open to work with other organizations, but for now in order for them to not work with 1800, they'll need to go through the event it's self, or become staff.  I figured I'd move this as others might have the questions - afterall Lionheart wasn't 18 when he first started getting credit, and is actually one of the Union students I referenced. 


Oklahoma Community College has a really big area for a LAN. I always thought it would be cool to get one started there. Is there anyway possible that OCCC can be one the colleges?


Just like with high schools, it's up to the new colleges and whether they'll either A - work with 1800volunteer, or B - acknowledge our hours.  You can talk to a counciler there to begin getting the answer to your question.



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