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Guitar Hero Tournament in Tulsa?

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So - we are thinking about having a Guitar Hero tournament.

Should we?  Would you come?  Would you help spread the word?

All this matters to us - so let us know!

Right now, details are sketchy, but we'll add in more details shortly.  What's been kicked around as the plan so far -

Having the tournament in July - mid July probably.

Having it probably at Funhouse, at their new location in July that they'll be moving in.

Having it be double elimination - probably one song, level decided by round - round one - easy songs, round 2, next up, so on so forth.

Probably doing advanced signup on the forums.

Having a Style Tournament round as well - so show up in your best rocking outfit, and wow the crowd for a showmanship award@!#

Details as we know more - but let us know what you think!  Also, any suggestions on rules / preferred prizes will be appreciated.


I think I'll pass on this one. The Bengi, Spikey Justin, Norman, and Phil (probably Phil) competition just looks to rough for me. I will though donate my guitar controller and Guitar Hero game (if needed) to someone so they get their enry fee waived. At the moment I think we have 3 guitars (3 games) so we can probably get a 4th controller and just do a two system set up... (although, it would be sweeter with 3).

Maybe we can catch another hardcore player who has some guitar controllers to donate... Eh, we shall see.

Rock and Roll... a little heavy on the rock please.

Controller wise - we should be alright to request people to bring their own, and of course have a yea, 3 or 4 around just in case.  As - if you play the game, you probably have a guitar / your group of friends do.  Also, the whole 'showmenship' aspect means that people might have their guitars all prettied up - so yea, controllers for this shouldn't be a issue.

Competition - meh, you could practice, it's a while away - but I don't blame you - I'm just going to focus on running this one, and not compete.  So - we'll see what people do.  Hopefully people will start chiming in soon on what they think.  Tonight we are getting together to go over rules / what we think is best, you should join.



Place - Funhouse [new location on Riverwalk - 500 Riverwalk Terrace, Suite 100 - 74037]

Date - probably July 22nd.  Going over that with planning team now, and if all is good, we'll call it official.  [july 15th is the other date under consideration]

Time - Walk-in Signup 6pm till 6:45pm - Tournaments start at 7pm

Format 2 tournaments - Showmanship and Double Elimination tournament - approved


More details to come, and once we've got them locked down, we'll get an actual thread together in the Tournaments forum.


With the addition of Harmonix as a sponsor, do they have any recommendations (or requirements) about the tournament rules?


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