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Welcome!  This site provides 2 things: 

For Gamers directly - A Resource.  OKgamers has been getting Oklahoma out of the stone age, and finding more events and competition for the last 6+ years!  Here we are in THE INFORMATION AGE - and we miss tournaments, and gamer events right around the courner, why?  Because no one got a flyer?  No one casually mentioned it to you? is our central location to network - a place to put gaming events and tournaments for all to see.  One place you can be like "Hey, I'm bored, I wonder what's going on."  Or, "Woah, your throwing a tournament?  Have you posted it up on the internet yet?  No?  Go post it on". 

For Gamers indirectly - A Resource for Businesses.  Everyone loves a good event.  And within 6 months of starting up OKgamers - we started to have businesses coming to us asking for help; planning, running events, consulting, or maybe all of the above.  What we found?

OKgamers working with businesses is a win-win:  Gamers get more events, Businesses get more traffic and promotion, and as a "sponsor" or event organizer, OKgamers gets more promotion. 

So?  Know a business throwing gamer events?  Tell them about us. 
Know a business needing help with gamer related events?  Tell them about us. 

As a non-profit OKgamers constantly helps the community;  we are your resource for local gaming info, and we kick start more gamer and gaming related events than we could have ever imagined.


"But I already surf my game's website -"

Sure, the games we play have websites for them usually; but that doesn't help locals who are new to gaming, etc.  We need a local State focused selection.  We've watched for the last 6+ years as this concept breeds more cross-cooperation, bigger events, and more fun!  Why miss that next tournament because it didn't get posted to your game site?  Surf your game site, and keep weekly tabs on OKgamers - you never know what will show up as an event!

Welcome to!


Also - check out these common resources:

* Want to know more about our goals?  Go read them.
* Looking for a Tournament or Event in your area?
* Looking for someone locally to play, and compete against?
* Want to do more - do you want to get involved?  We are a 100% open group bound by our drive to networking gamers in Oklahoma.  Want to help us - join our support staff!
* Need to post about your tournament or event!  Please check out the read me first!
* Want to post a flyer or banner?  Digitally? Check out
Also, you can print out more flyers for our events from that page!
* First post?  Want to introduce yourself?
And of course: - You know the drill - GO, LIKE, AND HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!! :)


Please post how you heard about this site!  It helps those of us running and trying to spread the word about the site know if we are doing something right!  And what to improve on!

X A aka Saif - Founder, Tulsa Lead

actully i think you find me man, i as on for halo 2stuff in okc n u found me..wahooo for X_A ;D

I found this place through the MLG forums.

I was just on Google looking for gaming tournaments in Oklahoma and found this place and...well, you know how excited I was.

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. What up OK. Just wanted to say welcome to the NVGA. I know some of your from so some of your are not strangers to me but for those who are welcome. We had a lot of great stuff coming up in the NVGa so stay tuned!! Hit me up anytime at the NVGA site or the chapter site



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