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Before Posting a new topic - Read ME FIRST//


Hello, and welcome to the Local Players forum.

Are you looking for players of your game?  Teammates, opponents, whatever - that's what this forum is good for!

Events, tournaments - they are great and all - but what happens once it's over?  How do you get better, how do you find out if you've gotten any better - the list goes on...

Every gamer needs to find players to play against.  You get better.  You've got people to organize tournaments with, or know who might want to carpool to that next Texas event.  Etc, etc.

In that spirit, the Local Players forum is just for that - having a place to find your game, or put up your thread about where you can go and organize, discuss, talk things over, and generally chat and plan with your local comp before you go over to someones house to play, or meet up at that local arcade or event for your game!  

Not finding your game?  Need to post a new thread?
First - Use the search feature, and see if you missed it.
Second - if you don't find anything - post a new thread...

The way we suggest you format your thread title?  
Well much like the tournament section, we HIGHLY suggest you use the format of

(City your in) - (Game or games being played)

So - examples might be -

Broken Arrow - DnD players
Tulsa - Soul Calibur players (not that there are more than 3 ;))
OKC - Computer LAN?
Norman - Axis & Allies group?

etc, etc.


Why?  If you don't at least include in your thread title where you are, and what your interseted in, some people will never even read your thread.

Make your thread useful, put the important where and what info in the thread title, and find more gamers!


Thread updated.

*MORE AND MORE* - we need thread titles to include (WHERE you are) and (WHAT you are playing)

"Broken Arrow - Yugioh players" - for example.

Keep in mind, some people won't even look at your thread if it doesn't include these 2 things.  Afterall, people are busy, why search through every random thread on a forum?

Please format your thread titles!



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