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Halo 3 Clan in town and wants to LAN


Timmy Skorcher:
My clan worlds 911 will be here 1-16-09 through 1-18-09. They are good at Gears of War. Really good at Halo 3. So who wants to LAN? ;D I dont think my game room can hold over 8 xbox 360s in one room but if anyone is down for this or know a good spot to get this cracking please let me know! ASAP!

Timmy Skorcher
co ceo hardcore LAN center LLC

Oo HyPn07iC oO:
i wont mind taking a dump...


--- Quote from: Oo HyPn07iC oO on January 14, 2009, 11:13:32 pm ---i wont mind taking a dump...

--- End quote ---
Ha always with jokes...

But I'd be down also

Timmy Skorcher:
LMAO hey they are not pushovers. If your sure you going to come just call my cell phone. send me a private message for home phone number and address. Unless you guys know a place that will hold more people. My game room can only hold 8 setups. I'm afraid if there is anymore then that my power will cut off like at the tournaments


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