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FACEBOOK - Do you have an account? (Please poll in and let us know!)

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Facebook - do you use it?!!!

Please take a minute and let us know if your using it actively, at all, and if not currently using it, you would.

Yes, has a real reason to ask; the information from this poll WILL BE affecting future developments, so we really appreciate you answering the poll!  Take a second and respond, thanks!

( Looking for us on Facebook?  Hit up our Group - )


All the time...

Definitely use it all the time, it even travels with me on my phone. The events are extremely helpful, and the group has easy mass emails that go to your facebook email, that I actually check more often than my real one ;)


Michael Jackson:
If you plan on making having a facebook account mandatory to join up you will lose out on a ton of new people and it will not outweigh the slight increase of communication you will gain within the already established userbase.

Just sayin'...


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