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NW OKC - Oklahoma Gamers Group PC LAN - 3rd Saturday Monthly

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As is mentioned farther down in this thread, the OKGG has moved. We're now located in NW OKC near 122nd and MacArthur. The new location is a bit smaller than the old one, but we still need more people to fill it up. We still run every third Saturday from 10AM until approximately midnight.

The new location is nice and clean (it's actually a data center/webhosting location.) It's nicely located near several restaurants and convenience stores with plenty of parking.

One of the biggest problems we had in Yukon was internet access, as more and more games rolled over to Steam and other digital distribution systems it was something of an issue to be on a line-of-sight wireless internet connection. That issue has been resolved as we're now on a pretty nice connection (mainly due to the company that's hosting us being a data center, lots of bandwidth :D)

We're still charging just $10 for LAN entry, this is almost exclusively to pay the host location for the space/bandwidth/electricity.

These days most gaming revolves around Black Ops but many other games are played and suggestions are also welcome. Regular games include but are not limited to: Black Ops, Supreme Commander 2, StarCraft 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (And Vietnam), we even still throw down some FlatOut 2 on occassion.

If you're interested in attending PM me here on OKGamers or sign up for the LAN and for the forums at

Old Stuff

The OKGG is a LAN held on the third Saturday of every month in Yukon.

We're essentially PC exclusive. Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: WaW, Left 4 Dead, Supreme Commander, Flatout, IL2: Sturmovik, and just about anything else that someone suggests.

We're a friendly group, the core members of the LAN, most of the staff actually, have been involved in this LAN party in one way or another for about ten years. We used to be the OLP, held in Shepard Mall back in the late 90's and early part of this millenium. OKGG itself has been around since approximately 2003.

Due to life events and such many of our members are no longer coming, so our usual monthly attendance has dropped from ~25 to around 12-15. We're looking to find new people to come and join the fun on a regular basis. There are raffled prizes fairly often, things ranging from Corsair stickers to full 4GB (2x2GB) memory kits, it just depends on the month and how our sponsors feel like being. The facility is isolated, so noise is not a problem. Alcohol is allowed as well.

If you'd like more information or to chat with anyone, head to and join our forums or sign up.

Timmy Skorcher:
Now should I post an entire rant on how your type of gaming sucks? Cuz thats what happened everytime I went to that website. I got Verbally Assaulted :'( Well i'm not......welcome to! We dont allow flaming on companies! I always wanted to go to one of your LANs but I was afraid of getting kicked out. Ensure your members are more friendly and more gamers will come I promise. I'm working on a COD league right now so all the PC gamers I will point in OKGG's direction!

OLP, Now back in the Day we had a good thing going... Had alot of fun with it.  Its hard to get PC Gamers out anymore. Lugging Equipment around, when you can stay at home and play over the internet.

The Internet and the way kids are raised has really killed the true meaning of a "Lan Party" 

Im sure everyone I used to Hang out with in OLP aren't around The Oklahoma area anymore.  Before I went into the Air Force I tried to keep in Contact. and not I dont know anyone anymore.. I posted a few times on OKGG, but never really got a warm fuzzy?

I Think OKGG is a great thing, Anything with promoting gaming in Oklahoma is an awesome thing (wait is my Opinion Biased cause im Staff? LOL) But no seriously, Its a good thing.  I Know we had a few PC Gamers here that where asking a while back about doing a CoD PC LAN.  In fact I Think the last PC lan we had was with PTD over at Wiley Post Airport.  Good times (Lorien we should try that again sometime)

But yea We can keep this post active You just may need to come reply from time to time so it dont get lost.  We do have alot of Console gamers that go back and forth.  Its just new games need better equipment so your always upgrading all the time to get the best framerate. Thats why most stick to console.  I Play Both. I Suck at console but I can hold my own on a little Quake.  Been playing alot of Quake Live.  Love it..

But yea thanks, and welcome to OkGamers, we hope to hear more from OKGG.

Timmy Skorcher:
Oh no OKGG is fine with me BUT the thing I think that hurts is the flaming members. Take them out of the equation and everything is fine. I understand now why X_A implented rules. Dont they have monthlies at shepherd mall?


--- Quote from: Timmy Skorcher on July 11, 2009, 07:09:13 am ---Oh no OKGG is fine with me BUT the thing I think that hurts is the flaming members. Take them out of the equation and everything is fine. I understand now why X_A implented rules. Dont they have monthlies at shepherd mall?

--- End quote ---

OLP Used to do Monthly at Sheppard Mall LONG time ago.  OKGG does monthlies in Yukon normally at the Roundup Club I Think.


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