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Jenks - Weekly Pokemon Heart, Gold Soul, Silver DSI Tournaments - Thursdays

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Alien Games:
Alien Games Jenks!!

We are now having weekly Pokemon DSI Tournaments on Thursdays.

$4.00 entry, winners split pot in store credit!

Finals played thru WII on 50" plasma!!

Registration at 6:00, tournament starts at 6:30pm each Thursday!


this sounds cool....

how exactly does the wii deal work???

Alien Games:
Its awesome! If you have the Wii Pokemon game the DS's link into it and you battle on the big screen using the DS! Come try!

I am kind of new to the whole pokemon competative scene. Is there a link with the rules or could you list some basics, IE banned pokes/items. Min/Max poke level.

wow... didn't even think about that...

 i'd also like rules and reg


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