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Tulsa - Tokyo in Tulsa Video Gaming Schedule - June 18-20, 2010

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The Monster Man:
Tokyo In Tulsa is a convention happening in Downtown Tulsa at the Double Tree hotel that is centered around Japanese Anime and Culture. We are also highlighting gaming (both video and tabletop), web comics, writers, and popular culture. Anime Fan everywhere and of every persuasion will find something to do and be excited about! Tokyo In Tulsa is about coming together, having fun and celebrating our common interests.
Website -

616 W. Seventh Street
Tulsa, OK 74127-8983
(918) 587-8000

You can find the map to the DoubleTree here.,+Tulsa&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=34.313287,79.101563&ie=UTF8&ll=36.14841,-95.995831&spn=0.017084,0.038624&z=15

The games that we will have tournaments for now are as follows:

Super Street Fighter IV
Soul Calibur IV
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero:World Tour
Tekken 6
Blaze Blue
The BYOS (Bring your own setup) tournaments can be anything but not excluding:

Halo 3
Call of Duty 4
Gears of War 2

Keep in mind, with the BYOC setup, there is also 'no excuse' for us not having your favorite game!  If you have the interest, we've got dedicated space for you!

All you FPS gamers, please be aware that FPS event's require lots of hardware (TV's, Consoles, Controllers...) and right now we are lacking. (unless you just want to play one on one) Since not everyone plays FPS games we can't fully create the necessary setups to support a full tournament. Last year we had a staff member who stepped up to coordinate hardware efforts** for GoW 2. So far, no one has done this, thus FPS games have been sorely neglected, and remain in BYO status.

** A "Hardware coordinator" is someone who has helped taken care of the logistics of event hardware for at least their game. This mostly includes finding enough gamers with the hardware to make an event run, and working with them to make sure it shows up at the event!!!

(Keep in mind - OKgamers is a site to network gamers and let us know when things happen.  We have a volunteer staff that help at events like this simply to help get the word out about the site.  We only own what we personally have, thus the 'byo' mentality.)

So with all this in mind, we hope to see you guys there!

The days and times for the tournaments are now here and all BYOC games are subject to canceling if there are not at least 8 people signed up for them by the time they are supposed to start and if there is not any hardware for the game.
Halo 4v4 for charity. Slots start at coming soon
3 pm GH:WT
5 pm SC4
5 pm Halo 3

Game Room closes at 10pm

Late night gaming starts at 11pm and goes till 2am

Halo 4v4 for charity. Slots start at coming soon

12 pm SSBB 2v2
2 pm Super Street Fighter 4
3 pm SSBB 1v1
4 pm CoD MW:2/ Halo 3
4 pm Tekken 6
7 pm GH 5

Game Room closes at 12am

Halo 4v4 charity. Slots start at coming soon

12pm Halo 3
1pm Blaze Blue
2pm BYO

Game Room closes at 4:30pm

All NVGA fighting game tournaments are $10.00 and due at sign-up. All other game tournaments are $5.00 and due at sign-up. Sign-ups start 30 min. before the tournament starts.

   More info will be posted in the next few days.

If you plan on playing in the Halo tournaments, then make sure that you bring your cables and make sure that they have an optical out for headsets that are being provided by a sponser.


I can bring a full halo 3 setup including a tv, box and 2 controllers. 4 player split screen just stinks, so in reality we would need a total 4 tvs, 4 box's, 4 halo 3s, and 8 total contollers.

Also I am going to bring a non-smash bros Wii setup for TVC and maybe Monster Hunter Tri. I am bringing a classic controller and a controller pro.

 You will most likely see my halo setup there.

I've got a 360 and PS3 I can supply if I can get a hold of some games so I have everything up to date/unlocked

ya there's totally not enough TvC in here


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