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Tulsa/Jenks - SSBB, SC4, T6: FINAL FIGHTER before Supercon - 7/17/10

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The NVGA has many chapters - will Oklahoma stand at the top come the NVGA Supercon in Denver, August 13th, and 14th?

As part of our Road to Supercon efforts, this is our FINAL FIGHTER TOURNAMENT before Supercon, and our LAST EFFORT AS a fundraising event - we've got at least our top Halo 2v2 team going.  We may have a SSBB rep or 2.  And we aim to help them get there!  OKgamers will be helping our winners from our 2 successful Road to Supercon events get to Denver with us!  We have thrown one fundraiser at TCC, and now our final one at Funhouse at the Riverwalk!  100% of your 5$ fee goes towards the gas / hotel room, and if enough, food stipends.  With local college Finals happening we didn't have a great turn out at TCC, so please come out and help us support OKgamers efforts to go and rep in Denver!!!

Why does OKgamers throws events?
Our primary goal - a resource for gamers in OK, however we also want to help out the gaming communities!  All events held by our volunteer staff of OKgamers is to get the word out about as well - the site for casual and hardcore gamers and businesses in the Oklahoma area to post gamer related events and tournaments, get players together, and go to find out what's going on in our area.  Tired of hearing Oklahoma has nothing to do?  OKgamers proves things are going on all the time!  Want to help out the OKgamers cause of spreading the word, so we actually KNOW what's going on around the area?  -
 - Join our staff!
 - Learn how College and HS students can get community service through volunteering with OKgamers!

YES gamers, we expect if you show up at our event, to be familiar with everything this thread has pointed out :)  
(As, there is no way to KNOW about this event fully, without this thread.  Please take the time to read up!)

DATE - SATURDAY, July 17th, 2010

Location -
Funhouse at the Riverwalk
500 Riverwalk Terrace, Suite 100
Map: Google Maps link

Games -
SSBB - 2v2 (on the WII)**
SSBB - 1v1 (on the WII)
Soul Calibur 4 - 1v1  (on the PS3)
Tekken 6 - 1v1  (on the PS3)

Times -

SSBB 1v1
12:00pm - 1pm - Setup and Sign up [HARDWARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 12:45!]
1:30pm - Tournament starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket [ WE WILL NOT WAIT!  Be on-time, back and ready @ 1:15pm please :) ]

Since we have so much time, the 2v2 can happen if we have at least 8 setups.  
(Why?  A 2v2 allows everyone warmup games and is a "community standard" it seems.  Why 8?  Less, and we risk a lengthy 1v1 afterwards, etc.  1v1 takes priority if we don't have enough hardware to get both done quickly.)

Soul Calibur 4
3:00pm - 3:45pm - Setup and Signup [HARDARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 3:50pm!]
4:30pm - Tournament Starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket

Tekken 6
2:30pm - 3:00pm - Setup and Signup [HARDARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 3:00pm!]
3:30pm - Tournament Starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket

We are currently pursuing sponsors!

All games entry fees go into their game's pot.  then:

SC4 - 60/30/10 of it's pot
SSBB 1v1 - 60/30/10 of it's pot  
SSBB 2v2 - 60/30/10 of it's pot  
Tekken 6 - 60/30/10 of it's pot

Cost -
Like most events, there is a location fee, and tournament fees.  Spectating?  Free.

5$ location cost - one-time fee for those playing in a tournament (Think of it as the way to give back to them for hosting us.)
This gets you 10$ in tokens. [Tokens are Funhouse tokens, to spend on DDR, Initial D, Time Crisis, Soul Calibur 3AE, and other fun video games, as well as ticket games they have at that venue.]

5$ one-time fundraising cost - this event is a fundraiser to get OKgamers to Denver to represent.  This 5$ Fundraising fee is going 100% to getting gamers to the Supercon.


Want to donate towards the fundraiser goal?  Feel free!

TOURNAMENTS = 10$ per tournament pot cost.  Any tournament you play in cost 10$, and goes into that games' pot for 1-3rd as explained under prizes.

Playing in SSBB 1v1?  Or SC4?  5 for location, 5 for fundraising, 10 for the SSBB tourny = $20
Etc, etc.  Playing in 2 tournaments?  Then that's two 10$ entry fees, plus location/fundraising.

AS YOU CAN SEE - OKgamers makes no money doing this, that's not what this is about - go read our goals.  This is all volunteer, in the hopes of improving Oklahoma by networking through one site for gamers.  Don't abuse staff, or give us a hard time - as we aren't getting paid to put up with it :)  

Yes - we raised entry to 10$ as gamers have requested it.

This is a public location, and of course watching is free.  However, only tournament entrants, and staff may use the machines.  Spectators may watch, but are asked to leave the machines to those playing.

SSBB Rules -   (on the Wii)
* 3 stock 8 minute time limit
if there isn't a winner by the end of the time limit, then the winner is whoever has the most stocks. If stocks are tied it is whoever has LESS damage.
* all items are turned off
* if there are teams then team attack is ON
* Remaining rules for SSBB can be found here - *

Remaining Rules for Smash?  PENDING - need to confirm what MLG is doing next.  It'll either be the MLG standard, or the OKgamers current rules - very little difference, only a stage here and there :)

Soul Calibur 4 Rules  (on the PS3) - can be found here:

Tekken 6  (on the PS3) rules can be found here:,2654.0.html

Let us resolve the rules, and get you going again!

What you need:
We seriously suggest you bring your own controllers.  We may happen to have a few extra around, but it's always best to bring your own - less concern about your performance as well :)  

Can you bring hardware?  It would help out!  A "Setup" consists of a TV, console, game, controllers if possible and save data.  TV - 19" or above, tube preferrably, and remote if you can't change to input on the front.  SF and SSBB - FULLY UNLOCKED (SSBB 'more rules' and all 35 characters, and levels), and any controllers would be appreciated, however we encourage people to bring their own.  And of course, the game, console and any required cables.  

How you should act:
We are at a public arcade - please respect all around you, and remember your in public - so act accordingly.

Spectators and Players - absolutely NO interference during a tournament match.  No harrasing your friends or their opponent, messing with controllers or settings, etc.  When 2 people play each other, they are to be respected and observed, not distrurbed.  Please do not test us on this :)

What else can you do - Well, spread the word!  Remember, not everyone finds a flyer or knows about OKgamers!  

***REMEMBER, WE DO RELY ON THE PLAYERS TO BRING ENOUGH HARDWARE - what is enough?  At least 5 to 6 for SSBB, and 1 to 2 for SC4 and Tekken.  We will cancel a game's tournament if we do not have enough hardware that shows up ON TIME.(We ask hardware to be there typically 20 to 30 minutes before the tournament is set to start, see times.)  Why is this? can only organizes events, yet as the front page explains we are not a company, nor do the venues we work with have everything.  Help us help you have a great event!

We reserve the right on ANY game to make on the spot changes to the tournament rules, such as a change to Single Elimination if there is not enough hardware, or too many people show up ["Too many" only determined by us not having the hardware brought to meet the demand in the time we have - be sure you understand that].  We have to be done no matter what at Funhouse by 11pm, thus the concern.  [Will we change?  Only if we HAVE to.  Hardware and you determine that.]  

Sharpen up your game, we'll see you in a few weeks!

Go out to your blogs and your websites and your myspaces - and link back to this thread - it helps - trust me.  Also, check out myspace and add us!



Wanna thank us?
Spread the word - take a flyer, post the website up on your blog or website, join our Myspace and Facebook, or mention it to gamer friends (Keep in mind, we are just gamers ourselves, so that's how this all started!).
Join us - by Joining our staff!

Any of these will be more than enough thanks :)  

First time to the site?  This going to be your first tournament you've found out about on this site?  Welcome to the site!  Please go here, and let us know how you heard about!  It helps us know what is working, and what is not :)

Spread the word:
Make Oklahoma a place for gamers!  Check out to find out or post about events and tournaments for gamers around Oklahoma.


PS - enjoy this concept of OKgamers getting gamers out to rep in other states?  
DEPENDING ON HOW THIS EVENT AND SUPERCON EFFORTS GO - will determine if we EVER do such a thing again.  We don't like extra stress for things the community does not want to support, or care for.  This really is about what you want.

LIKE THE IDEA - show up, and help get gamers out to Supercon!
DON'T LIKE THE IDEA - show up, and let us know? :D

And as always, use the thread as feedback.

Bees McGee:

--- Quote ---***REMEMBER, WE DO RELY ON THE PLAYERS TO BRING ENOUGH HARDWARE - what is enough?  At least 2 to 3 setups for SF4, and 5 to 6 for SSBB, 2 for BB.
--- End quote ---

1. there is no BB at this? sadness

2. we can barely get more than two people to show up anyways. sadness

BEES we gotta make BB happen mang.

Like always my single system can be used for any of said PS3 games

yo digital-hypno... you got a P3 street fighter set up???


Guess he's not around, or doesn't care :)

If something comes up where we have a groundswell of SSF players with hardware to bring, we'll add it.  Otherwise - sticking with SSBB, SC4 and Tekken 6.


Go - share - help?  :) 

Remember, we are sending off gamers to represent Oklahoma - help us send our gamers!  Invite friends, and spread the word!



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