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Blazblue CS U.S. SBO Qualifier - Arcade UFO - Austin, TX - Sat. July 31, 2010

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--- Quote ---As you may have heard, Arcade UFO will proudly be hosting the official Blazblue: Continuum Shift qualifier for Super Battle Opera 2010, the 8th Annual Arcadia Cup tournament and the most prestigious fighting game event in the world.

Don't play BB:CS? Come join us for the first Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code major in the United States!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arcade UFO
3101 Speedway
Austin, TX 78705
Closest Airport: AUS (Austin Bergstrom Int'l Airport)
13 miles from airport, 20 minutes by car, 30+ minutes in traffic.
Bus directions

Closest Hotels
(1.0 mile away, 20 minutes by foot):
Rodeway Inn / University:
Rate: 69.95/night weekdays, $89.96/night Friday/Saturday. Book early.

(1.0 mile away, 20 minutes by foot):
Days Inn / University:
Rate: ~$60/night weekdays, ~$90 for Friday/Saturday. Check site for exact rates. Book early.


All registration will be on-site before the event begins. There is no online registration or pre-registering for this event.
A U.S. Passport is required to travel to Japan. It is recommended that you apply for a Passport NOW if you are attending this event. Expediting a Passport request costs MORE MONEY, so you will save by doing it now!
For More Information:
How to get a U.S. Passport in a Hurry
U.S. Passport Processing Times

To participate in the SBO Qualifier event, your team must consist of at least one U.S. Citizen. You are allowed to have one non-U.S. Citizen on your team, but two non-U.S. Citizens on the same team is forbidden. This is the official ruling on this event from SBO Staff.

Venue Fee
$2 per player. BB:CS and MBAA:CC will be on "free play" for tournament matches.

Per-Game Fee
Blazblue - $30 per player ($60 per team)
Prize: SBO Spot + some REALLY cool goodies!
No pot split; entry fees will help sponsor the winning team's plane tickets

MBAA:CC - $5
Prize: 70/20/10 pot split for Top 3 + some REALLY cool goodies!

General Rules:

- The winning team of the event will gain entry into the final bracket of Blazblue: Continuum Shift at Super Battle Opera 2010, and will have both team members' plane tickets fully sponsored by Arcade UFO. You must take a round trip flight from the U.S., departing from and arriving back to one major U.S. airport of your choice. The flight will be to and from Narita Airport (Tokyo).
- Only the winning team will be granted this privilege, and the winning team must be available for the week of SBO to travel to the event and represent the USA.
- SBO is taking place this year in September 2010, but the exact date has not yet been announced. Remember to take the time difference and travel time into consideration.
- If you cause physical damage to any machine at Arcade UFO in any way for any reason, you will be ejected from the tournament and venue with no refund. If the person causing damage is on a team, the entire team will be ejected.
- In the case of a joystick or button malfunction, you must report the malfunction DURING THE MATCH. Once a match is over, it's done.
- If a joystick or button malfunction is reported, it will be tested thoroughly. If there is determined to be an issue, the machine will be repaired promptly and the match will be replayed. If there are determined to be no issues, you will be awarded a loss for the match. All rulings will be final.

Saturday, July 31st
1:00PM Registration for Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code
Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code - Singles
Start - 2:00PM sharp

Format: Double Elimination bracket, best 2/3
In Grand Finals, the loser must defeat the winner twice.

- Arcade version on head-to-head New Net City cabinets.
- Joysticks are Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y, buttons are Sanwa OSBF-30.

4:00PM: Registration for Blazblue: Continuum Shift SBO Qualifier begins
Blazblue: Continuum Shift
Start - 5:00PM sharp

Format: Double Elimination bracket, Waseda-style, best of 3 rounds, 1 match only
In Grand Finals, the losing team must defeat the undefeated team twice.

We will use to generate an unbiased, random tournament bracket. The bracket will be generated completely randomly; no "do-overs", no seeding, no floating brackets, no shadiness.

- Arcade version on head-to-head HD Cabinets (16:9 aspect ratio).
- Joysticks are Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y, buttons are Sanwa OSBF-30.
- The first player (Player A) on each team must be reported to a judge before each match begins (double blind).
- Player A from each team will play, and then Player B from each team will play. A 2-0 record will result in a victory, while a 1-1 record will force a playoff between Player A and Player B.
- You cannot switch characters after your initial selection. The winning team must use the characters they qualify with at SBO.
- Further details may be added later.
--- End quote ---

quoted from Dustloop, check out the original place HERE:

So i'm trying my hardest to get enough cash to go to this lol, it's arcade version as well so no pads and as far as we know, no Makoto, Valkynhein, or Platina

Bees McGee:
so you gonna go to japan if you win?


and i suck

yep you do lol, ya i'm just trying to get munnies for the tournament and a room first and then try to get a little more if possible to help whoever's taking me.

Bees McGee:
in my defense, every single right facing atomic collider i dropped was because of CONTROLLER TECHNICALITIES

i tested it, DP to the right is more finicky than to the left, but i guess i shouldn't be so lazy with my DP's anyways. and now thanks to BBCS PC, which hates all motions unless they are perfect, i will hopefully drop fewer combos

perfection is all you should strive for


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