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Blazblue CS U.S. SBO Qualifier - Arcade UFO - Austin, TX - Sat. July 31, 2010

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Bees McGee:
so what are your thoughts on mu12 and DLC

i think mu12 is fine if she isn't proven to be broken, which i don't think she will... at least nowhere near bang or litchi

as far as DLC, i think each community and TO should decide on that one

and if someone comes out of state or something, and DLC is allowed, maybe they should get a practice round or two against anyone using a DLC character

Well for the DLC argument I don't care, i'd like them to be used since the arcade version will be getting a patch that will allow them as well, but in the future.  But if there is a difference than whoever normally uses one would have to abide by the rules, simple.

Mu-12 is a power hitter that looks like V-13, she can get good damage and all but she isn't that big a threat, HOWEVER her lasers interrupt active comboes which is stupid.

Bees McGee:
whered you see information on a patch for arcades? i didnt think that was official

and yeah laser interrupt is kind of dumb

it's not official, but they keep bringing it up in interviews and stuff so whatever


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