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Tulsa - Magic the Gathering League @ Wizards Asylum - Wed/Fri/Sat


Wizards Asylum:
Mirrodin Besieged Booster Draft tonight at 7:00 at Wizards.  Tomorrow is the Launch Party at noon, and drafts all day long.  Hope to see you there!


Awesome!  So was this a weekly Friday event, or just this one week?

Need to know so we can format the title - remember we need:

City - Event - Date

So if it was just once it would be -

Tulsa - Magic the Gathering League @ Wizards Asylum - 9/3/10

Weekly would be closer to:

Tulsa - Magic the Gathering League @ Wizards Asylum - Fridays

etc :)

Let us know!


Wizards Asylum:
***Some of the top prizes winners for the Magic League that ended 9/01/10***
Jim Mattingly $100.00
Michael Dudley $50.00
Brian Boyll $25.00
Kendall Bright $10.00
Dillon Jarman $9.00
Chase Cundy $9.00
Trevor Hunt $8.00
Tim Crites $8.00
Brett Wilson $7.00
Joel Sheffler $7.00
Brock Barbee $6.00
Devin Meadows $6.00
....and many more.  For a complete list and to see where you finished, stop by Wizards's Asylum. 

We are giving away a ton more prizes for our newest league which just started last Friday and ends on October 3rd.  Some come play with us every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 


Any updates on your events?



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