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Monthly Tourny Swing Vote Games - What should be our NEW swing-vote games?

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Poll over - the next 5 or so month's worth of 'swing votes' are now figured out -

April - Mario Kart 64 - We'll probably need at least 2 setups...
May - Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - [what console?]
June - DOA 4 - [Coolsvilla and me = one setup, another setup welcome]
July - Naruto - 4  [SavageBeating is bringing it, we could use one more possibly]
August - Soul Calibur 2 - ps2 [I've got one setup, anyone else?]  [ may need to scroll down to post ]

Please go help with feedback / planning.


So - long story short?  We have had a realization - our Monthly tournaments - designed to "Get the word out to as many different types of gamers as possible" - have started to stagnate, and not serve much beyond Halo and Smash Brothers.  SO - we are changing that.  From now on - we'll have ONE GAME/Tournament spot - that we always try and vote in as a new game.  So - we'll basically try and swing the vote - we all say "My 3rd vote I get in a monthly tournaments vote?  Sure - I'll throw it towards this" - and all have an agreed game to do that on - for more on how this came to be, click here, and go about halfway through my post for an exact play-by-play -


SO - we need to figure out what NEW games we agree should be voted in for the next few months - right?  So let's vote!  lol

We've been playing Halo, and the various kinds of smash - and let's let the other 2 spots be determined normally, and probably continue to be those.  Let's use our THIRD vote - for new games - like what's in this poll.  [GoW - looks like we are playing in March.  So - for this special "constantly new" poll, we aren't including it, or other games we've already played like Soul Calibur 3 AE.]

You have 2 votes to put towards your favorite games.  The top 4 voted for games?  Will be our swing vote games for the next 4 months - in order of 1st - next month, 2nd most voted for the month after that, etc.

Because this effects what we play in April - and voting STARTS March 12th for that - as usual right after the monthly tournament - we have 11 days to determine what we want to have as the swing vote!  Let's figure this out!  Tell your friends!  Let's get this going, and have some interesting next few months.

KEEP IN MIND!  We'll need hardware and rules help.  We won't have the hardware for alot of these other games, so we'll need AT LEAST 2 setups for a game to be able to have a tournament usually.  Maybe only 1 on GGXX, as it goes so fast...  But still!  And rules - we want to have rules ahead of time...

So - if you vote for a game, be prepared to help with hardware and finding good rules!

We'll go by general types of game - Tekken - vs Tekken 5.2 blah!  What version of the game will we play?  Whatever is agreed upon in the threads / enough hardware is brought for to actually play :).


You guys get a few DoA, 3rd Strike or even VF5 players together and maybe your NVGA partners from DfwGames can get a challenge group together to play some an OK group.

Naruto Ultimate Hero.

No, I don';t really like it, but I love the specials in it.


--- Quote from: Animefreak6969 on March 01, 2007, 06:01:24 pm ---Naruto Ultimate Hero.

No, I don';t really like it, but I love the specials in it.

--- End quote ---

I agree. I don't really like it, it's a tough game. I love the specials though. And I haven't exactly played it in a while. My friend only rented it. ^^

DoA4  :D


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