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TULSA - WTF to PLAY in this town... re: fighting games

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Seriously - what does this 'community' support?  I want to stick around in a fighting game community, but what can I play and actually be - OH I DONT KNOW - COMPETITIVE IN?  [competitive in = having more than 2 people to play seriously]

Soul Calibur - ha, no.  I've begged and pleaded for years and had miminal results.  It might change when 4 comes out, but till then, or something magical happens, I don't plan on playing that game unless there are at least 5 people seriously interested.  What sucks is you can't throw regular tournaments, because once people find out they aren't good enough to win, they seem to die out.  Man, the community was seriously better when we just played every monday night, and had no tournaments to speak of.

GGXX - people seem to play, but not competitively past their own circle.  Take Minicon - 10 people showed up.  They all pretty much knew each other.  According to them they wanted to play new people.  I pointed out Rev's post here on the board.  They seemed interested.  Months later - silence.  I talk to Rev - he says he knows them, and they are too afraid to play him / anyone good outside their circle.  BLAH.  And I don't like the game system all that much.

Naruto - I had hopes.  I saw like 15 or 20 people play it seriously.  HOWEVER - they seemed all happy and go lucky on the idea of tournaments and such - but months later - WHERE ARE THEY?  No where to be found.  On top of that, I went to Chicago recently, heard that probably the best one here in Tulsa is a scrub in comparison to the Chi types, but then again, they are evidently some of the best in the world - if not the world.  Then it doesn't matter so much - and I'd probably play - however.  Uhm.  Where are they?  Much like the GGXX types - dissappeared.

Tekken - I personally am not a big fan of the series.  If there were at least 6 or 8 players seriously playing it in Tulsa though... Man.  I might pick up Ling.

SF - I love the series, but don't know much about high level play.  It seems like it's probably pokey.  Also - once again, is there actually competition?  I know OKC's got some.  But - who else?

DOA - ha.  Hahah.  HAHAHAHAHAHHA!@#

MK - see DOA.

VF - supposidly the top of the bunch when it comes to fighting games - the best thing period.  However - does anyone play?  Much like SF and Tekken - I know a friend or two here or there that has played it - but would they want to play it regularly?

Every Thursday night I have a game night where friends come over and we play at least - if nothing else - Smash 64.  I won't play Melee probably ever - cause I don't like the stupidity of the levels really.  Just..  What to play ya know?  I love the Chicago and Texas communities, and want reason to travel to see them - but if your not in a competitive game - there's not alot of reason to go.  Also - man.  Even if I play a game that's got national competitive events - if I can't play it at all / have some level of solid skill - it's just not as fun to me.  I want to be able to HANG or see that I can do decent at least - being a total noob just isn't that interesting.  But - that takes competition.  So - it all comes back to...

...if I switch games - and play another game.  Which to play?  Tekken seems to always be the answer, as fools play it everywhere.  But - isn't there something else?  Naruto in a way seems fun - and would start out everyone at ground zero - but would Phil, and Hollywood and ECSboy want to play? [the people that I hang out with]  Or is VF the better way to go...  But in the end - my friends probably shouldn't be the only ones I rely on to play - so - once again - WHAT community is supported in this hellhole of a fighting game town - lol.


UPDATE: Naruto is our attempt... more information real soon.

high level Naruto play -

Chi vs Ohio -

HeartNana / XCTU / Rob the awesome vs StripperVash -


How many times are you going to give me these links? I hate you! I'll see you tomorrow.

Even though I would go for Melee, GNT4 is still cool.

There should be about 3-5 OK GNT4 gamers in this forum:

This is the best place for high level play. There's no OK tourny going on though, but there ARE O.K. players. Oh, and you could find good strats here too.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I'm moving to Tulsa in a few months, so this is somewhat relevant for me. I hope to get some ssb64 in against you guys, and maybe some other games as well.


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