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First - What is OKgamers, and a Promotional Event, Oklahoma's only gamer resource for finding and promoting gaming events and local gamers to practice with.  An Oklahoma area resource for gamers, by gamers.  We also work with businesses that want to have gamer related events - we help them to help locals; it benefits us all.  This of course promotes OKgamers existence - thus any event OKgamers volunteers work with is a Promotional Event.

When OKgamers or a business wants to do events, we suggest only the active communities, and now favor ones with Community Leads as well.  When a business or sponsor wants to throw $$ into a tournament, we help them make the decision - based off active communities and recent tournaments and events.  If we work with a game, we need the "national rules", the established best rules for the game.  We'll need hardware; whether that comes from us, the community through their CL, or a combination.  And, of course, help promoting on the various core sites for the games we are including, as we like the hardcore to know about events.

Enter - Community Leads
A community lead is as simple as it sounds - a gamer who has stepped up as the leader of one or several local gaming communities OKgamers can go to and rely on to help us help them.

Are they on staff?  No, but are given perks, and are in the loop. 
They only really 'volunteer' when we have questions, or during a tournament or Promotional Event, as they are the only non-volunteer that can access OKgamers' gaming brackets while we run an event, etc.  However, they do not officially volunteer outside of their own game, so in the pure since, nope.  They are just helping out their game get more traction in the local community.

And they do: getting their community $1,000's of dollars in attention and sponsorship at events each year; a chance to grow, not fade away.  Any game you've seen OKgamers work with in the last 6 years?  Has effectively had a Community Lead; helping us get the National rules, gather hardware, and get the word out.  We are now just officializing the title, and promoting the recruitment of more leads, and how your community can have their leader step forwards!

Your games community is MISSING OUT on potentially $1,000's of dollars every year in sponsorships, prizes and more.
Stop missing out; get a community lead, and get more events!!

List of existing Community Leads:
Blaz Blue - Tim "AnimeFreak" Barnes
Smash Brawl - Josh "ChuckNasty" Smith
Soul Calibur - Tim "AnimeFreak" Barnes
Super Street Fighter 4 AE - Tou "toucan108" Yang
Tekken - Nick "The Captian" Shufeldt

Call of Duty - MW3 - Ricky "Timmy Scorcher" McNeal of HxC
Gears of War 3 - Ricky "Timmy Scorcher" McNeal of HxC
Halo Reach - Ricky "Timmy Scorcher" McNeal of HxC

Starcraft 2 - Michael "Mickey" Williams

List of games we are looking for Leads:
League of Legends - PENDING current review...
UMvC 3 - NEEDED, if promotional events are to support it; after 2/25 it's apparent we must have one, or move to support just SF...
Smash Melee - NEEDED, if promotional events are to support it...

Console Racing Games
Console Sports Games

we know most games already have card shops, etc that are the center of their community.  When an event is of substantial size, or we can help out we bring in CCG, Tabletop and Larping.  We'd love to have a few more volunteers focused on these areas, but if nothing else - please consider becoming a community lead!

PC GAMERS - we've got Starcraft; if you know of local gamers that play consistently in the Oklahoma area, and would like to step up - let's do this!


Why so many console games?  Console gaming in Oklahoma has the least amount of support. 
PC - has a few games worth it, but must have internet connectivity; limiting the options for events. 
Tabletop & CCG have businesses already actively catering to them, and OKgamers is not in the business of duplicating or competing with the local community.  We work WITH you, not against. 

Console gaming simply is the least served; so over the years we've worked with them the most.  PC has taken a turn for the rise.  And OKgamers is working with at least 2 conventions every year now; that means we bring more Tabletop & CCG into the loop as well.

Your game not on the list? Your community never get attention at a competitive event?  They go hand in hand, help us help you, be a CL :)


A Community Lead agrees to 3 duties:

* Keep OKgamers up to date on their games' National Tournament rules and scene overall.
* Keep active with local gamers and the scene; attend events, go to practices.  Be a regular, not a random.
* Help OKgamers with Promotional Events that include their game; help set the initial event date, promote/re-post these events to their national scene via the National community website, and fill in on running brackets for their game(s) at a Promo Event if needed from a low volunteer turnout event, or to covering a bathroom break, etc.
What do these tasks really mean?  What would you do as a CL?

Communication on "Up to Date" - the literal answer:
 - For Rules, you post a thread in your games' Local Gamers Forum, and keep it up to date
 - On the scene overall you keep us up to date via a Facebook Group.  READ - you must have a Facebook Account as a result.

Keep Active with the scene - the literal answer:
 - Attend a majority of local events for your game, if at all possible; if not, keep up to date with those that did.  If your city has a local practice, be familiar with that.  It's just like it said - your a regular, not a 'unknown'.

Help OKgamers at a Promotional Event - the literal answer:
 - Initial Date - we post in the Facebook group about that date; you make sure we aren't double booking with your games events regionally
 - Brackets - we set them up; but we look to CL's and other travelling leaders to make sure we seed properly by skill and location.  Also, you may be asked to take over for 'breaks' - just clicking on who won on a screen, and calling the next match.
 - HARDWARE: if it's a promotional event, it may be potluck; we will come to you in the FB group and ask about "how much hardware can you help get there"; our Staff owns some hardware, but we do work with a games CL to make sure we get a base hardware collection for the game, else we cannot add it to an event.  So?  You ask around, find out who is down to bring what is needed from the local community or those attending, and let us know a final number "2 consoles and 3 disks", "4 setups", etc.

If you would like to nominate a community lead, please share this thread with them. 

If you would like to be a Community Lead for your game please reply to this thread with:

* Your name / Handle (if it differs from what you registered here for a forum account)
* Game / Games you are requesting
* City you live in
* Cities you are willing to travel to
* Time you've played the game
* Average number of gamers you know locally that play your game
* List of last few tournaments or events you've attended
* We use both email, and Facebook; no question, simply put, you'll be asked for these later
We'll respond from there!  If you want to contact us privately, please use the Contact Form on the website; include those answers however.

- What if I want to be the lead for my community that already has one?
Approach the current lead and talk with them; are they needing help?  Looking to step down next year?  Find out what they need first.  Issues arise, etc - please PM me.

Simply put, no.  We take our promotional events seriously; we provide purpose for 5+ states and local gamers to travel to; we don't have a habit of dropping the ball.  We do not work with a shared CL because at the end of the day - one person must be responsible.  2 people can shift responsibility between each other, drop communication internally or with us and never get anything done.  Feel free to recruit help; gamers and people to help sharing community burdens, and obviously hardware support...  But one person must be the lead, the responsibility must be entrusted to one alone.

- Why did "THAT CL" get lead status?
They are active, meet the requirements, and/or were the first to step up and we accepted :)

- If just anyone can step up, doesn't that cause problems?
We do our best to vet any prospective CL's FIRST; the process can take days or weeks.  Just know, we care about Oklahoma gaming, and we won't take assignment of a CL lightly.

- What if my lead sucks?!
Submit a contact form through the main website.  Discuss the issues where your Lead has failed the community.  Give details.  Do not be vague; we want specifics.  We are an "open club" trying to improve Oklahoma; if someone is hurting the local community, we take it seriously.  However, publically bashing any member of the OKgamers crew, volunteer, staff or CL will hurt your case; take your frustration to form, let us know the issue, we will resolve it.

We've never seen any of your local gamers?  We tried to support them and no lead stepped forward?  We didn't know you existed?  :)  Please either apply, or encourage your local group's most active member to consider doing this - it's how we can help you.  Help us help you, get us a lead!!

- Is it really that easy to get a tournament for my game? (Why do some say PENDING?)
It used to be REAL easy, just request a title; then we got tired of disappointing gamers by throwing unsuccessful tournaments. :)  Now, we work with a 'potential community lead' / new game title in a very specific way.  We try and include it at an event where it's not the MAIN attraction.  If they get attendance, we step it up, and add them at future events.  If they don't, we move on for then.  See "pending" on a Lead above?  They are going through that process, or just have began talking to us...


Our 6th Anniversary event taught us 2 things for sure; we can't let gamers sign up for whatever they want with 15+ tournaments happening, and we NEED to have a CL for any future Promotional Event game title. 

That's it; we hope you join us in helping your games community and by extension, our Oklahoma community.


Name: Tou Yang / xbl: toucan805
Game: Super Street Fighter 4 AE
City: Tulsa
I'm willing to travel to Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas.  or 4 hours away or less
I have played the SF4 series probably a couple of weeks after Super Street Fighter 4 came out.
The number of players I play with regular on our weekly meetups can be a consistant 8 people.  but we have had 15 at one point.

The Captain:

    Nick Shufeldt / The Captain
    serious since tekken 3
    3-4 being generous

hey put me down for lead on League of Legends...... been trying to get it up and going on hxc site...


Tou, Nick - thanks for stepping up!  We appreciate it, and thread updated.

--- Quote from: D3AD on December 09, 2011, 10:55:27 am ---hey put me down for lead on League of Legends...... been trying to get it up and going on hxc site...

--- End quote ---

D3AD, tell you what - we'll make this either a competition, or a group decision :) 

1/21 - LoL players are welcome to, if they are bringing their own hardware.  Cravix and Valor0125 have both approached me about helping out with LoL leadership, before this thread was created.  What I told them I'll tell you - get a good crowd of at LEAST 8 LoL'ers at 1/21, and we'll start to back LoL at a future event, maybe even TnT, etc.  Gotta "show up and prove you exist and will come out", before we make events with you headlining, etc.

However - with all 3 of you wanting to help, we need to make a decision on who is 'the lead'.  So; we either go by who ever marshals the most support and brings out the most LoL players, or at 1/21 you guys can discuss, and decide among the 3 of you.

Either way - LoL is a brand new game to events locally - gotta see turnout before we can throw it into our event list.  (Why?  First, we support a title / include it as a main game at an event we've never worked with before.  Then? No local shows up, only 3 people who have traveled from out of state, a long way, etc...  Then?  We look like idiots :)  Worse, we wasted 3 people's time.  So, we no longer support "totally new games/IP's" off the bat without some form of social gathering style event like this; show us here we can get a group of you to attend, and we'll go from there! )



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