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bah here I was hoping to see a deathmatch between them!

Either today or tomorrow (since im off) ill be creating an official thread on the lol website. And from the previous comment, Do we need to have people bring hardware or will there be enough pc's (minimum 10 needed)

Threads for a league of legends tournament have been created on okgamers and on the league of legends website.


--- Quote from: X_A on December 12, 2011, 02:56:40 am ---
1/21 - LoL players are welcome to, if they are bringing their own hardware.

--- End quote ---

Cravix - I thought that was clear enough, but yes.  LoL players must bring their own hardware; we didn't get a chance to talk about LoL first off, because well - there is no Community Lead, and no proof long term that LoL players even care to come out to an event; so it wasn't built into our initial talks with Central Tech.  So, no, there's no hardware set aside for LoL at this event.  There is space, a BYO area however - and that is open to LoL players who show up.

As for creating an official thread - I've already addressed Dead, Valor and you in an email about that.  The event thread must have all the details, a few of which are still being worked out - and that is why we have a planning thread, to start the hype.  In a bout a week the official 1/21 thread will go up, until then?  Please use the planning thread if needed.


Timmy Skorcher:

--- Quote from: D3AD on December 09, 2011, 10:55:27 am ---hey put me down for lead on League of Legends...... been trying to get it up and going on hxc site...

--- End quote ---

I got a guy that has been trying to contact you for 2 weeks bro about League of Legends.. hit me up on skype tonight


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