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Forum software upgraded!


Just wanted to let you all know - we've upgraded forum software!

The good -
More profile info, A CALENDAR!, RSS feeds to keep track of events, a PM system, and polls!  And much more.

The bad -
ANY URL's / links you've gotten from the forum / posted on your own site / blog will be wrong now.  Please go back and change those!

Also, your cookies will be gone/wrong, so when you visit us next, you'll just have to type in your password again.  [That's right - NO RE-SIGNING UP!  yay.]
On an additional note, you'll want to go edit your profile / really check out the software, as it's seriously an upgrade and gives many new options.  Also, if you've recently posted a Tournament or event, you'll want to edit that first post, and attach a calendar entry to it!

Going back to the old colors, as well as avatar tweaks to come later.  If you run into anything, let us know here! 

Otherwise - happy posting!

Wanna use follow the RSS feed?  ='s;sa=news



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