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OKC - Gamestop and OKgamers Midnight Launch: Halo 4 - 11/05/12

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Gamestop and OKgamers Midnight Launch: Halo 4
 Click here to attend the Facebook event for this launch!
GOOGLE MAP LINK (based off address)
In OKC  on 11/05/12
3:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.

Location: GameStop
Address: 8531 North Rockwell Avenue

Game List: Halo 4

Event Description:
Gamestop and OKgamers, as well as HxC, launches the latest addition to the Halo series, Halo 4!

Free play will be set up for these titles:
Halo Reach
Modern Warfare 3
Guitar Hero


This location will also have a REAL SPARTAN SUIT.
Red vs. Blue will be played on a 100+ inch inflatable TV, along with several hummers! - Brought to you by the Army National Guard

Pop's 66 Vendor Truck will be out with refreshments for purchase.
Devry University will also be out to talk about how to get into game design!
A decked out Halo 4 truck will be there as well!
Entry / Location / Tournament Costs:
This tournament will be free!
Tournament registration starts at 3 P.M. The Tournament will start at 8 P.M.

Free Prizes include:
The REAL Halo Energy Sword (18+)
A Master Chief Helmet



Bump for updated info!

Sounds quite awesome.

Ive got a few corrections to add to this event... I'm actually the organizer of this event.

First of all big news... We have merged Midnights with the Game Stop down the street and we are now expecting anywhere from 400-600 in attendance. Make sure to come and join the party.

Now on to the corrections...

In addition to the Halo 4 Midnight Launch Party which is from 3 p.m. to Midnight on Nov 5th...

This event will be happening a second time with everything mentioned above on Nov 12th

Black Ops II Midnight Launch Party at the same location from 3 p.m. to Midnight and will also be running a few to play Tournament with first place receiving a grand Prize.

So just to recap on the Current Events and Vendors at the Midnight Launches of Halo 4 (Nov 5th, 3 p.m.-Midnight) and Black Ops II (Nov 12th, 3 p.m.-Midnight) are all listed below.

*1-2 Military Humvees

*100+ Inch Inflattable T.V. playing "Red vs Blue" (Halo Midnight only) + TBD BOII Midnight'

*Halo Jumper provided by National Guard

*Sponsored Halo 4 Truck completely decked out in Halo 4 advertisements

*Halo MLG Pro League player Joshua Harvey AKA "zDoctor McNinja",  2012 Halo Reach        Nationals 1v1 Ladder 7th Place finisher

*7-14 Xbox Consoles Set up for Free Play with all the Major Titles to include but not limited to.... Halo Reach, MW3, Gears of War 3, Guitar Hero, Dance Central

* On-Site Live DJ

*Pops 66 Mobile Food Truck with all your food and soda needs available for purchase

*Devry University Representative available for all those seeking degrees and information in Game Design (Multimedia Design and Development) or Web Graphic Design.

* Actual Halo Spartan in full costume, (100% legit and accurate the real thing, Over $3000) available for you to take pictures with and brag to you friend. (Halo Midnight Only)

*Halo Reach Tournament on Nov 5th starting at 8:00 p.m. , Free Entry, First place will receive grand prize.

*MW3 Tournament on Nov 12th starting at 8:00 p.m. , Free Entry, First place will receive grand prize.

* Halo Trivia questions thrown out once every hour with right answers given free prizes (Halo Midnight Only)

* Giving away free "Best of Red vs Blue" DVD's (10+)

*Random Video Game Trivia questions thrown out once every hour with right answers given free prizes (BO II Midnight Only)

*Raffling off the following for all in attendance..... Wearable Halo Helmet with working Flood Lights..... Real Halo Energy Sword (CAUTION: SHARP + real sword) 18 yrs. or older..... plus the best part...... Free copy of Halo 4 and Black Ops II will be given away on their appropriate Midnight Party.        If you want to increase you odds of winning one of the above every hours for all those in attendance you will receive a ticket to enter into the raffle. In addition.... Pre-ordering either Game or making purchases at this Game Stop location will get you addition tickets.

* Many random door buster prizes given.

This will be the biggest and best midnight launch event you will ever see and considering all that is available expect extremely high attendance (estimations right now between 400-600) so get here early and enjoy all the festivities.

Hope to see you all here and good luck.

What settings is there going to be for the tournament. Halo Reach.

I like Super Slayer but am anxious if it will be MLG!

is it 2v2, 4v4, FFA????


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