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OKC - Gamestop and OKgamers Midnight Launch: Halo 4 - 11/05/12

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I posted a question on october 16 its now the 30th


Hey! Sorry about the wait.
I'm currently contacting people who will let me know ASAP.

I will update the information as soon as I find out the answer.

Timmy Skorcher:
Hurricane can you give me a call? Need to clear some things up please?


Timmy Skorcher:
This is FFA. Also I think Halo 4... I have to talk to Terry Hardt.

Sorry for the long wait.... Ive been on the phone CONSTANTLY for the past two weeks with 6-7 other vendors finalizing and planning this event which has grown so large its becoming hard to maintain ^.^    anyways as a response to your question the tournament for the Halo Launch as of right now will be Halo Reach 1v1 tournament MLG v7 rules and maps. Tournaments begin at 8:00 p.m. and the prize for the tournament has been confirmed and it will be a complete Halo Trilogy set to the victor. '

ALSO NOTE TO THE STAFF OF OK GAMERS!!! I have been trying to contact who ever it was, Rick or the other gentleman I talked to over the past 2 weeks. Have sent over 4 message through the contact us page trying to get a hold of you guys. I'm not angry in any way, however I REALLY REALLY need you to call me ASAP so we can finalize with you guys on the event. I have 95% of the event planned just waiting on you guys so I can plan spacing and finalize the last bit of the event. Thanks

My contact number is 318-286-2965.  Call me. Thanks


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