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Oklahoma City area anyone?


I've been browsing the forums for a bit now and noticed everything tourney wise and group gathering wise is Tulsa or something else other then OKC.  That's good and all but not for me though...I want something local in both senses or just some friendly players to hang and have fun with. So for the list of games I have (xbox) Halo 4, DOA4, sniper ghost warrior, tron evolution(personally I like the first one on the original xbox tron 2.0 killer app) and a bunch i cant remember at the moment. (Wii) I will prob only play 2 games on that. Monster Hunter tri and super smash bros, wait three one is for the gamecube tho final fantasy crystal chronicles (bring a gameboy sp for multiplayer) next (gameboy dsi) Pokemon white, Charon trigger, and one more that eludes me. (PC) i got steam so i got a bunch of the mainstream games. So if anyone wants to hang out virtually or in reality that cools with me. I'm 24 so people around my age 18-28 is preffable. I will go lower but you have to be able to control yourself i don't want to be babysitting. Alright Oklahoma City area gamers i hope to hang out with you soon.

Hello and welcome! I get on Halo 4 every now and again (replaying Fallout 3 at the moment because it's the best game ever made) but I'm decent at it.  Add me to your list and we'll play some games.  SeenNotScene is my gamer tag on xbox.

I'm not from around the OKC area, but I'm on PC a lot, mainly on Steam. I'm 23, so no babysitting here :) Steam name is metalmusic89, same for skype, always on skype aswell, if you would like to add me there aswell Merry Christmas

hey my name is TJ and were working on hosting some lans around Kingfisher Ok. its about 40-45 minutes outside of the okc area. We would love to have you come out and join us! we are working on hosting our first lan the 29th and working on improving from then on.


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