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Tournaments / Tournament Archives - are you happy with this system?



So - I was looking into feedback for this.

Currently - a thread that is posted into the tournaments and events section - has a lifespan there - of until that tournament ends.  After the tournament is over, the thread is moved into the Tournament & Events Archive - so that it can be kept out of the way of current tournaments, and still accessed.

Some boards - just have a thread for the event, and then a results thread in a 'results' forum...  Do you feel that is better?

Right now, I'm just doing this.  Taking the old thread, editing into the first post the location / link to the results later in that thread, and putting info/links to any other resources there, and labeling the rest of the thread below as 'old'. 

Which do you think is better?  2 threads, and 2 forums - or - one thread, carried on from active to archived, and linked up like that?


I'm liking the way it is now actually. When its dead, it goes to archive.


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