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Resources section? What websites to link to for forums, so forth

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A big goal I have is getting people not only together here, but also well educated once they leave on where they can hang out for game specific information.

Soul Calibur?

Tekken? [spelling could be off, I'm feeling lazy lol]

Street Fighter? [spelling again lol]

And so on, and so forth.  Communities of gamers already know where to go.  What about new competition?  They have no clue about these websites, and what if they stumble on OKGamers first?  So.  I want to create a resource for anyone that's interested in getting into the online communities, and I want to have solid info and links if at all possible.

So - that's where you come in.  What games can we list off, and along with them, what websites should we point to?  For Soul Calibur - I know.  But what of the 2d games, and the non-fighters like Halo and DDR?

Please help the site out with this info, and we'll build that page accordingly.



Beyond sites like DFWgames and such - I thought stuff like this would be good too -

Thoughts?  HELLO?  lol


HxC Havok:   ;D

Ht Ace:
sounds like a good idea to me some kids that play games here in oklahoma that are looking for good sites for halo and other games would come here find those and be like O.o thats sic and hes would probly be active here on okgamers ...mabey

Should totally do it. Just put up random links to official sites, fan sites, and deffinately any wikis. Be a nice thing so people can be well informed.


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