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Making good with the neighbors -,,, etc


So - as I've hopefully made clear in a earlier thread, the last thing I want to do is start some competition between main game sites and - I want to be a resource to get first time game surfers there - and hooked up into the appropriate communities.  Also - having a central place to say 'yea go here' when you run into a Oklahoma based gamer with multiple interests - would be a good thing.  Blah blah blah.

Anyway - but first off - we'll need feedback and notes from the people of the communities.  Something that seems to have been moving very slowly lately... So - I've gone to Shoryuken and TZ and started asking questions.  Also - I've gone to [a site I found only AFTER creating this one ugh] and started the process of finding out what's up there - what they do, and making sure isn't trying to move in on their territory / so on so forth.  So - happy reading / and please discuss concerns / other thoughts on this thread if you would.

[DEFINITELY please read the thread, as I've started to really see where can help out best I think, and that vision is kinda in there]  [may need to scroll down bout half way down page]


Cool site X-Alpha. It seems like this is the place for all things competitive gaming in OK. I would like to add the OK thread from if you don't mind. Our group currently estimates about 15-18 Smashers (Melee). We are growing every month and with the new Smash coming out as a Rev launch title I expect our scene to increase in size greatly. We plan on attending MLG dallas this year in hopes of proving OK's talent in game competition.

Here is the thread:

I guess "Oklahoma based gamer with multiple interests" can describe me aswell. I'm into nearly all the 2D and 3D fighters, and also non-fighter genres like Halo, StarCraft, and Armored Core. Basically anything that has depth in the sense of competition.

Thanks!  Yes, and I am glad to hear from you.  I hadn't really caught wind of the best smash site, and more than welcome that info!

Also - I'm really glad to hear we have at least a small but caring group of smash players!  I wish you guys nothing but the best, and sorry I personally hate melee or else I'd be out there with you heh.  Go to MGL and own!

Yea - I've pretty much figured that if it's on the arcade or console - is the venue for it.  We've just got to get the word out - and make it accessable to old players of the games as well as new.  I appreciate your help in this matter, and hope we continue to grow.

I'll be doing a redesign of the main site to help get people into the forums quicker.  Also - like I said in the resources thread, making it so new players can get hooked up here and in the site, or sites of the games they are into, so good times.  Halo's been the biggest dissapointment so far - I thought I had at least 2 or 3 venue's that were having tournaments that would put it up here, but I've yet to get them to.  I don't know - maybe it's just too much work?  lool.  Anyway - we'll see how it goes, thanks again - and if there are any halo or other games your involved in that are like smashboards or similar type things for other games - I'd love to know about them, like I said, I want to be as informative as possible.


An update -

This was a big concern with me, to the point that I've kept down a bit, restricting the info to console and arcade gaming.  

Really - that needs to change.

The banner of 'gamer' falls not only over arcade games and console games - but computer gaming as well as card gaming and even perhaps tabletop and so forth.  Also - we are not looking to replace community sites - we are looking to have a central place to gather information - to have the right details in one spot, so at a glance you can see what's going on in your state.  Not only for you, but for all those other gamer friends you have.  

Also, the resources section is meant to drive people to the communities they need to know about - if they play this game, let them know that that game also has a whole website / sites that are dedicated to them.  And if we have info about the Oklahoma based communities - link to that as well.

Anyway - I'm ranting on the wrong post - look for a new thread in the Site Improvements forum.



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