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Would you attend? - Smash 64 Tournament in Tulsa....


So.  I've got some serious hardcore Smash 64 players all on my grill about having a serious tournament.  They've seen the flyers for the SC events, and want me to have one for the game they love.  I gotta say - I'm interested.

Smash 64 could have individual and team tournys, and we could seriously have some fun with that.  I'd love to do a single and 2 man team tourny.  But - would there be interest?  Would you show up?

Points of interest -

It'd be in the next few months.  Probably Junish?  [People - those that are really hardcore and great players - would be coming in from out of town / school, we'd want to have it when they'd be here.  Awaiting time on that.]

It'd probably be at Funhouse.  So - either 71st and Memorial, or the Riverwalk, depending on when we have it / if Funhouse as moved.

There'd be at least a 5$ fee - which you'd get back via 10$ in tokens to play other FH games, or 5$ in food that I know of.

It would DEFINITELY be Bring Your Own Controller - as I don't want to hear the belly aching.

We'd need a few setups / some people to bring consoles and games.  However, we'd be able to offer those people who's hardware we actually use fee waivers as a result.

It would seriously be fun.

Anyway - spread the word - get me some feed back - let me know.


I assume youre talking smash bros.  Why 64?  Or.. why not GC? I dont think im 'really hardcore and great' but i think i could like this.

Sadly - I know people that seriously took 64 - well.  Serious.  So - that's why it vs GC.  Also - personally - I'm GC biased.  Too shiney, and not solid enough stages for me.  Also - I like Samus dominance - and thus - 64 is better imo ; )

But mainly - the call to do 64 is due to a group of us seriously playing and having fun with the 64, and it's for the people that are good at it and coming into town.  Spread the word - if we get a good response - we'll have it fo sho.

I would probably be down for 64. If and when info becomes available, lemme know. K'thanks.

TEAMS though, TEAMS!

Tourny decided.  Check out Tournaments for more.



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