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New Soul Calibur 3 Tulsa Funhouse Tournys - Dates, times and costs?


Sup.  After regionals, we'll still be able to have tournaments, I just have not set any times or dates.  So, I thought I'd put it out there for others to weigh in.

First off - guidelines we are limited to by facility, aka Funhouse:

Date and times -

Weekdays - Wednesday, Thursday - we could have a tournament just about any time of day.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - always after 8 or 9pm.  This is because we use their party area, and that's the earliest they clear out.

Cost -

As a venue cost, they are happy with the 'be charged 5$, get 10$ worth of tokens" set up.  So - that would be a constant.


We could look at other venues - but I believe bang for the buck this is the best we'll find.  Also - they are a great establishment, and where better to play games than an arcade?

So, late April, May, June, late July?  These are all areas of time where I could see having more tournaments.  Are Saturday evenings working out for everyone?  If there was a big enough movement for it, we could do Thursday at 6 or 7, to keep it from running so late into the evening, however that affects whether alot of people can make it - and anyone that travels - we'd effectively cut them out on being able to come by having a midweek tournament.

Also - money.  People have talked about prizes.  Cash is often what they want, but is that just a small minority?  For me, I see raising it above 5$ as a bad idea, as it would start to deter people.  We might be able to have a smaller cash tournament run at the same time, or a different date from the normal ones however too - if interest is seriously strong.

So - dates anyone have any good suggestions?  Times - 9pm still alright?  Cost - raise it, or just keep it where it's at?


The Arcade version of Soul Calibur III will arrive at Fun House sometime in May.

We will have two machines, and if players are interested, arcade tournaments will follow.

The pros: 1)Arcade tournaments typically have NO entry fee, they are just pay as you play.
               2)Full size arcade unit = bigger monitor, arcade control feel for everyone.
               3)More competition from players who may not own a PSII but want a piece of the action.

cons: 1)The Arcade version will run differently than the PSII version according to rumors. Some characters
         have been toned or enhanced.
         2)Some characters may no longer be availible.

I'll keep everyone here posted on when the arcade units arrive.

Sounds like to me we should have a AC tourny before Funhouse makes it's move to the new location on the Riverwalk!  So - sometime in June - maybe June 24th?



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