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General Chat / PSPgo + 50$ PSN Card Tonight Only on 11-17-09
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:55:10 pm »

For today only, when you purchase a PSPgo you'll get a $50 credit to use towards PSP games in our PlayStation Network store.

Offer valid on November 17, 2009, 12:01 AM - 11:59 PM Pacific time, when shipped and sold by Limit one per customer. To qualify, purchase a PSPgo system from below and within two business days of the system shipping, you'll receive an e-mail letting you know that the credit has been applied to your account.
See rules and restrictions.

244.99   for those interested.

 (its sad that the psp Go is almost as expensive as the PS3)

Dont forget to update your XBOX 360 Tommrrow and Hook a USB Keyboard up.  You will now be able to use Facebook and Twitter from your XBOX Console.

add  @Okgamers to your Twitter friends and you can opt to get up to the minute updates in Game if you choose too. Or just beable to see updates when you sign in.  

Twitter I know is split down the middle between gamers. Some like it some Hate it.    But You must understand Twitter was originally designed for Websites.. it wasn't designed for what people use Twitter for Today..   It was Made in Mind to Share Information and get news updates across multiples of people.

You can have a Twitter account and not ever post on it.   Just add the Websites / people that have useful information to you.   Major Nelson gives alot of Free stuff out via twitter. And Game codes for Free downloads.  Twitter is also will be usefull if you want to have a universal Login.   are you tired of having Multiple User names and Passwords?  Well Twitter and Facebook use a System called OpenID (Gmail uses this as well)  Most websites are adopting this.  OKGamers will soon adpot this feature but it will be a little while.  

But the main purpose of this post is to inform ya to not ignore Facebook and Twitter on the 360.. Just because you personally dont want to post like others do, dont mean it cant be a useful tool for you.   We plan soon to start posting all events out on Twitter so everyone knows whats happening with out even coming to the site.

Here is list of the updates you will get from the 360 Update tommrrow.

The topic du jour was all about TV, but this morning at NewTeeVee Live – an industry conference that explores the future of television – Xbox LIVE general manager Marc Whitten confirmed the next wave of social entertainment is coming to Xbox LIVE on November 17. Starting next week, Facebook, Twitter, and instant on HD video from Zune will be available on Xbox 360 consoles, transforming Xbox LIVE into the largest social network connected to the TV with exclusive features custom-designed for the living room.

“We’re delivering some truly exciting social entertainment experiences to our members,” said Whitten. “Xbox LIVE’s differentiator has always been our community, and we’ve already seen a tremendous response to these features in our public preview. It’s the community that drives us forward and allows us to pioneer new ways of connecting people through the entertainment they love.”

    * Facebook*– Update your status to share what movie, game or entertainment you’re enjoying, connect with friends and view their Facebook stream, status updates and photos on the big screen – all seamlessly integrated and custom-built for Xbox 360. You can even compare your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends lists to see which of your friends are on LIVE.
    * Zune – Zune video on Xbox LIVE offers a full fidelity experience with instant on HD in 1080p and 5.1 channel surround sound. No waiting for downloads or buffering, it’s there at the press of a button. You can also share the experience with up to seven friends through voice chat and Avatar integration on the TV screen – it puts a whole new spin on “movie night.”
    * Twitter*– Stay in the know by discovering, posting and replying to Tweets right on your Xbox 360. You can even view friend profiles, trends and conversations, or search to see who’s tweeting about your favorite game.
    ** – Discover more music and explore endless personalized radio stations with on Xbox 360. Skip, “ban” or “love” tracks to create your perfect mix—we’ve even built in “Gamer Stations” with game-related types of music selected specifically for the gaming community(Available in the U.S. and UK)

In addition to these social features, Xbox LIVE will also be debuting “News and More,” a new section of the “Inside Xbox” channel, transforming Xbox LIVE into a full-fledged media portal. With a regularly-updated stream of content from MSNBC, The New Yorker and Dilbert, “News and More” brings the latest in current events, arts and entertainment right to your fingertips.

All of these features build on the wild success of Netflix on Xbox LIVE, which quickly established Xbox 360 as the most-used living room device for streaming Netflix content to the home1. Only on Xbox 360 can you find the best in movies, music, games and social networking all in one place, tailor-made for the TV and connected to more than 20 million people around the globe.

“From the launch of Xbox LIVE nearly seven years ago, to milestones like Video Marketplace, Netflix and the New Xbox Experience, we’ve continued working toward our vision of connected entertainment for everyone,” continued Whitten. “I’m proud to say that next week marks another great stride in fulfilling that promise, and we’re already imagining what the future has in store.”

So what are you waiting for? On November 17, turn on your Xbox 360, log onto Xbox LIVE and enjoy the world of social entertainment at your fingertips. Not an Xbox LIVE Gold member? Starting November 20 (12 pm ET / 9 am PT) until November 23 (12 pm ET / 9 am PT) Xbox LIVE Silver members can enjoy the latest Gold features for FREE – including Facebook, Twitter and! There’s tons more to experience with Gold as well.  Play the latest game titles like “Halo 3: ODST” online multiplayer, participate in “1 vs. 100,” host an Xbox LIVE Party or even video chat with friends. All of these Gold-only features will be available all weekend long for anyone to try.


* Xbox LIVE Gold adult account required to access these features. Xbox LIVE Gold memberships are just over $4 (U.S.) per month

** Xbox LIVE members under the age of 18 will not be able to access Facebook and Twitter as part of the Free Gold Weekend

Here is a Video Preview of the new XBOX.

PS3 is getting a face lift on Thursday(date isnt 100% confirmed)  But Facebook will be coming to PS3 See video below


Guess what's great about being a member of the OKgamers forum?!  
- Actually KNOWING about Tournaments and gamer events around Oklahoma?
- Finding competition locally?
- Being a member of a site that volunteers and helps improve the community?

WHY YES ALL OF THE ABOVE! has 200 tickets to give out to 2012 the best action movie of the summer?!  Not sure? - You better come out and join us for OKgamers first Free Movie Night and see it free with us then!@#

600 Riverwalk Terrace
2012 - 7:30pm
CLAIM YOUR TICKET BETWEEN 5PM AND 6:30PM - look for XA, or an OKgamers shirt to find us!!

Harkins Bricktown
150 E Reno Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-4202
(405) 231-4747
2012 - 7:30pm
CLAIM YOUR TICKET BETWEEN 5PM AND 6:30PM - look for Furyswrath, or an OKgamers shirt to find us!!


Post here as a member.  Re-tweet.  Join us at the COD MW2 launch!
(Not a member?  It's FREE and takes just a minute and a valid email to sign up!!)

PLEASE CHOOSE ONE - each ticket is actually good for 2 people, and we ask you do NOT post twice, re-tweet and post, etc.  One ticket per household please.

- Login and post saying you want one!  Make sure you state clearly and FIRST THING IN YOUR POST - "Tulsa" or "OKC / Oklahoma City ticket please" - so we know.  If you don't tell us what city, your not winning a ticket!

If you did a RT(Re-Tweet) from the @OkGamers Twitter account Then do not post here unless you have questions. Once you Receive you Direct Message with your 5 Digit Code bring that with you to the Theater to claim your tickets. Just find Myself in OKC and X_A in Tulsa.  We will be Wearing OKGamers Shirts you cant miss us!

Tweet: - This helps us get the word out.  Your Helping OKgamers when you do this!
If you want a TULSA TICKET - CLICK THIS, and tweet
If you want a OKC TICKET - CLICK THIS, and re-tweet
(Works if your logged in to Twitter, if not, you'll need to.)

COD Launch:
Come out and get one of the tickets at the Best Buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Launch, CLICK HERE for more info on that!

We have set aside 100 tickets for the Tulsa showing, and 100 tickets for the OKC showing - FIRST POST FIRST SERVE!

We appreciate those gamers that surf the forum and give us feedback and help promote the site!  So, we are rewarding our active members with more free stuff!  Twitter?  ACTIVELY helps promote us that way!  COD?  Best Buy is giving us a chance to work with them, so we are rewarding those that come out and help us support this great Best Buy opportunity!!

( DID YOU KNOW - forum members also get first notice about discounts and other deals, even member only exclusive prizes and discounts like this!  You should join the forums and keep an eye on the forums!! Hey - MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!@# )


If you post - and we haven't cut it off yet; we will periodically verify and post about this!
If you re-tweet - you will receive a DM with a 5 digit code to verify your ticket as we count up results, etc.  
If your at the COD launch - you'll get a ticket through competition or as a prize, so you'll know :)

Show up to the theater for the city you requested at the address above!  MAKE SURE to show up by the times stated!  This event is like most free movies - first come first served on seats as well, so don't miss your free movie because you showed up too late to claim it!  
POSTED? - MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR ACCOUNT EMAIL - as we'll be using that as verification you are you :)

(current email wrong or not your main email?  GO UPDATE IT - it'll keep you up to date on OKgamers, and it's how we contact you!)

- When posting, if you don't state CLEARLY what city you want, as detailed above, we won't count you.
- PLEASE, one ticket per household, please don't double post, post and tweet, etc.  
- ALL UNCLAIMED TICKETS will be given away to people that don't have tickets!  NOT THERE BY 6:30?  We give it away!

What we know - we've posted here.  We are one of several partners in each city - so SHOW UP EARLY to make sure you get a seat!  Want up to the date info on this - Follow our twitter account:

And of course - follow us on Facebook for info as well:

GET YOUR FREE TICKETS - And join OKgamers at it's first Free Movie Night!!!

OKgamers - Tournament Organizers



Tournament Planning and Hype / Back to Back Tournaments.
« on: October 17, 2009, 05:59:21 pm »
As you all Saw OkGamers is having a Tournament in Tulsa at TCC on January 23rd.  

I Also know we have alot of gamers still here In the OKC Area that would love to attend a local area one as well.

So Plans are in Works for a OkGamers OKC Tourney as well.  Its just a matter of dates.  And I wanted to throw this poll out there to get a feel of a "what if" circumstance.

Would you attend a Tournament, 2 weekends in a row In 2 different Major Cities..   People Ive talked to say No Gamers Wont.  I Have a Sneaky Suspicion they will.  So lets hear what you say?

General Chat / LOL Ok Online Dating has gone to a new Low.. Ermm High lol
« on: October 05, 2009, 01:19:00 am »

Yep   Where other gamers can meet other gamers.

Its 1/3 Online Dating matching..

and 2/3's Gamers meeting up with other gamers with similar game interests.

Ran across that thought id share..    Use at your own risk I Havent look into the site alot to see what is there..

General Chat / OkGamers - How-To Post a Video Via a Video Sharing Website
« on: September 08, 2009, 12:47:27 am »

In our on-going steps to improve OkGamers Website and Exposure we have set the website up to be able to view posted videos inside our forum. Here is a Quick how-to.

Goto your Favorite Video Sharing Website.  YouTube / Viemo / Facebook / Etc...

Find the Video you would like to post and copy and Past the URL to the video in a post just as if you where going to share the link with a friend.

If you would like to just share the Link to the video and not display the video use the :
noembed  BBCode. 

BBCode is Short for Bulletin Board Code.  They are tags you see when you post that have the brackets around a word like this:

[bbcode]link goes here[/bbcode]

Just replace the word bbcode with the word noembed.   Remember this is if you just want to display the Video link and not the video itself.

If you have any Question on how to post a Video just ask here and someone will answer it shortly.

Here is a Small List of Video Sharing websites we Support.  There are many more sites out there. If there is a site you see that we dont support let us know and we can try and do a custom add.

YouTube, YouTube (Playlists), Dailymotion, Google Video, BBC News (now with audio), BBC Iplayer (UK Only), MetaCafe, Veoh, 123video, Facebook, 5min Life Videopedia, 9You, ABC News, AdultSwim, AlloCiné, AniBoom, Apple Trailers,, Atom, Bebo, Blip, BoFunk, BombayTV, Break, Broadcaster, CarPix Tv, Cellfish, Clarin,, ClipFish (Old), ClipFish (New), ClipJunkie, ClipLife, ClipMoon, Clipser, ClipShack, Cold-Link, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral(Inc. TheDailyShow), Crackle, CrunchyRoll, Culture Pub, Current, Dailyhaha,, DotSub (w/o Captions), DoubleViking,, Dv.ouou, EASportsWorld, EbaumsWorld Videos, ESPN, Excessif, ExposureRoom, Flickr Video, FunnyOrDie, G4TV, GameKyo, GameSpot, GameTrailers (Inc. User Movies),, GameVideos.1up, GarageTv, Gloria, Glumbert, GodTube, GotGame, GrassRoots ItvLocal, GrindTv, Guba, TheHub, Hulu (Usa Only), Humour,, IGN, IMDB, Imeem (Video), ImageShack, IndyaRocks, Izlesene, Jokeroo, Joost, JujuNation Video, JumpCut, JustinTV, Koreus, (Videos), (YouTube videos), Libero, LiveLeak, LiveVideo, Machinima (Old), Machinima (New), Mogulus/Livestream, MyTaratata,, Mega...n, MegaVideo, Milliyet, MoFile, MotionBox, Mpora, Mpora TV, MSN Live/Soapbox, MtvU (Usa Only), Multiply, MyNet, MySoccerMedia,, MySpaceTv, MyVideo, MyVi, M Thai, NhacCuaTui, OffUHuge, The Onion, OnSmash, Photobucket, PikNikTube, Putfile, Rambler, RawVegas, RedTube, Revver, RuTube, SevenLoad, ShareView, Sharkle, Sina Podcast, Smotri, Snotr, SouthPark Studios,, Spike, SportsLine (CBS Sports), StageHD, Streetfire, StupidVideos, TagTele, TinyPic, Tm-Tube, TrailerAddict, TrTube, Trilulilu,, Tudou, UOL VideoLog, Ustream, UUME, u-Tube, vbox7, VideoJug,, Vidiac, Viddler, Videa, VideoNuz, VidiLife, VidMax, Vimeo, Vidivodo, VSocial (Type1), VSocial (Type2),, WeGame, Wipido, Yahoo Video, Yahoo Video HK, Yahoo Music Videos, Yandex, YouKu

I Know Long list :) But you get the Point.   here are a couple of videos I Know you will Enjoy. on tv

HxC Lan Tournament, One Handed SCIV

Using the noembed bbcode I Can do this.


Any Questions Post away here.

General Chat / iPhone Users.. MMS Confirmed for September 25th
« on: September 03, 2009, 01:28:03 pm »
4 Days after Fall Begins..  We Get MMS for iPhone. What happened before the end of Summer 2009?

Articles and Reviews / Disney Buy Marvel......
« on: August 31, 2009, 08:37:42 pm »
Yea So Disney Bought Marvel for 4 BILLION Dollars..


General Chat / Furys is the the Proud Owner of a PS3 now.
« on: August 25, 2009, 05:33:45 pm »
Ok People I bit the Bullet.. 299 for an 80gig PS3.. I Now own one..

Let the lighting strike me down because I Said Id never really buy one.

But on the flipside main reason I got is was for the Blu-Ray Player. 

I had a Pre-Order for a Slim.  But since no one is 100% sure on when it will be release I went for the 80gig.  I dont need 120gig anyways.  I havent even put a dent on my 120gig 360 drive.

So 1st Game I Buy I think will be SF4 I Think.

So Its getting that Time again. And Im wondering if I Need to Throw another Tournament?

I Wont Have the Financial Backing like I did. But I should be able to pull something off venue wise with some ease.

Im looking at the following games

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Halo 2v2

General Chat / Funny Gamer / Tech related YouTube Videos
« on: July 27, 2009, 01:58:08 pm »
So Let me start off

Im sure everyone has seen the Fat Kid who falls off DDR

This is for all you Tulsa folk 21+ of age that like beer.

The local town here I live in has a little mini Brewery.  And they have some good beer.  So if you would like to try it out Goto

409 East 1st Street
Tulsa, OK,+Tulsa,+Tulsa,+Oklahoma+74120,+United+States&sll=35.479107,-97.521322&sspn=0.010921,0.019205&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,36.157034,-95.987281&t=h&ll=36.157939,-95.987291&spn=0.010585,0.022724&z=16&iwloc=A

Starts at 5pm and Dont be Late. Else you wont get a Free Custom Pint Glass ..  I think its first 200 People. Or at least it was here in OKC.

Or for you Oklahoma City Folks  (You can catch me here most weekends)
1100 Classen Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Welcome to my 100th Topic Ive created!

On the Agenda is:

Id Like to know what Oklahoma OR National Technology Groups are you a Member of and Involved in?

I'll Start off (Of Course!)
Ubuntu Oklahoma Loco Team

There are a few others but im not active much in those.  So what all do you do?


Yep tomorrow is 7/11   So its National Slurpee Day.   Everyone gets a Free 7.11 Ounce Slurpee of their choice tomorrow only! So get it whiles its free.


I Guess 7-11 Doesn't love Oklahoma.  Because the Free Slurpee isnt not going to be Offered in Oklahoma. :|  I had several Store Employees Confirm this.

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