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Heres the bracket

1: Project X
2: Above All
3: Damage Point
3: Ga Ga
5: Da Boyz
5: Inc 1
5: Yellow Bone
5: Inc 2
9: Intensity

What Happened to Binary Beast?

PC Gamers / Re: Ventrillo or Teamspeak
« on: March 21, 2012, 07:50:57 pm »
I would do another poll. We have several vent/ts out there for LOL alone. Its very very hard to get everyone onto one. People have their own where they have their private rooms and server admin, ect. I love the idea of having one but from past experience it seems that people who are in the community don't want to give up that "control" factor. If the people actively using this forum, which for the most part are LOLers, aren't going to be on it while online gaming then its a waste of money for you(or OKGamers whoever is paying for it).

If there aren't a lot of OKGamers on it then I won't be logging into the server on a frequent basis. The poll should simply state, "Yes, I will use OKGamers voice server on a consistent basis" and "No I will not use OKGamers voice server on a consistent basis"

I think the results will speak for themselves and you'll end up saving some money. Even though I wish I was wrong as I'd love one central voice server but its just highly unlikely from my past experiences.

There are tons more out there besides LOL.   And this would just be more so For any Online Tournaments we do.   However I wouldn't be opposed to having a General Talking Channel in it.   but This is Mostly for Organized Tournament use.  Or Other Organized Get together anyone would want to have.

PC Gamers / Re: Ventrillo or Teamspeak
« on: March 21, 2012, 04:50:50 am »
I'm a server admin of a lifetime 50-man ventrilo server that is open to anyone. I just have to make an account if you're going to be a regular user; keeps the spammers out. Just thought I'd give an option for you guys!


But in doing this for OKgamers it will have rules of use in place, Branded and such for OKgamers.   But Thanks for the offer.

PC Gamers / Ventrillo or Teamspeak
« on: March 21, 2012, 12:55:49 am »
So with PC gaming getting bigger here with OKgamers, I'm looking at purchasing on a trial basis a voice server.  For all of OKgamers to use.

I like both TS and Vent. Either one has its pros and cons.

One with the most votes wins. And I'll purchase a dynamic slot server for 6 Months. And reevaluate it at 6 months to weather its worth keeping.

Get to voting

PC Gamers / Re: 5v5 league of legends!!!!
« on: March 18, 2012, 04:55:33 am »
Ive Added the Bracket to the post here.  Only Directors can do this.  So if you need one added let  me know.


PC Gamers / Re: League of Legends 5v5 tournament!!!!!!!
« on: March 11, 2012, 03:28:58 pm »
wait.... was this posted moved?!?!?!?!? this is wrong section.. i had it under General chat (due to the fact that its not just a local event)  <=== and this is in a local players section plz move!!!

I moved it here because this is a PC Game..  Not for General Chat.

PC Gamers / Re: League of Legends 5v5 tournament!!!!!!!
« on: March 10, 2012, 06:18:33 pm »
need to start promoting this guys.. dont look to good for timmys site.. but we can still run the event.. sign them up on the post!!

Ive spend the past few days working with Timmy..  His old DNS Names are Locked with the old Web Developer.. But Ive managed to Get Most all of data back.. (Just dont ask how) :)   Anyways I think Ive got Timmy Up and Running now  via

I believe they are going to work on it more Sunday to iron out any last issues there maybe.

Don't forget 1pm today.

I'll be streaming on twitch.TV/okgamers come by and watch.

        I have a few questions. Is the Type 95 not going to be banned? ( a lot of people complain about it and I'm just asking if you ever thought about banning it) Have you considered using ReadyUP dedicated servers? (I hope you use it but you might not need to since this is a local event). Have you found out a way to see if everyone in the tournament actually lives in Oklahoma? And how would you transport prizes to students and minors? And you should put a delay on the live stream if you know how because I've seen teams cheat with the live streams.
        Sorry if it sounds like I'm questioning your tournament hosting skills but I'm just trying to help

Well For 1, Ready up isnt XBOX Live certified..  and if they are they do not broadcast it.    #2 they need to update their website big time before me personally would even purchase any product from them. 

And to to verify players Timmy already has a plan in place to verify those players are really from Oklahoma.   I believe he has decided to have their drivers license or student id fax'd or emailed to him.

And for sending prizes....   USPS is a good method..    Dont you worry  Timmy has got things sorted out..  No need to question him to death.. He has been doing this a long time, and he has this all sorted.

This is gonna be pretty Awesome...     Ill be Referees / Observers Streaming live to !!

Will be our first time to try this out..   Will be good times.

PC Gamers / Starcraft II - Rankings.. How
« on: March 02, 2012, 11:57:48 pm »
Ok So I just started playing..   Finished my 10 placement Matches     and im 1 and 10 LOL  yes I suck ..

So it puts me Rank 55 in Silver? WTH?  I suck put me in Bronze atleast .. How does it determine Ranking..

And How can I get into the Easier Ladder..  Because Im getting my booty handed to me playing silver folks lol

More pictures on facebook plz?

They are working on.  The girls will have them done soon. 

Site Improvements & News / Re: Youtube - Videos - Streams
« on: March 01, 2012, 03:04:05 pm »
Sammy I think we can stream/cap with ours just fine with black magic when using HDMI we just need to find a stream that does it to show proof and eliminate doubters.

I Agree.. 

Site Improvements & News / Re: Youtube - Videos - Streams
« on: March 01, 2012, 08:05:55 am »

There will be a OKgamers Videos / Photos section in the new version of the site...  Is OKgamers streaming events?  :)  I need me some help / hookups / volunteers / something to see that happen more frequently.  At this point my plan was to start using flipcams if nothing else to capture finals.

PC Gamers - there's a handful of threads in the Local Competition General forum - if they are not over flowing that general forum, do we really have enough interest to warrant it you think?  Don't get me wrong, it's a topic I'll be asking at the next OKg meeting, but still - you really think we are getting enough PC gamers attentions for it?


I'm good with helping question is will fighters be willing to let there grand finals be captured? Ill bring my pc that I'm going to stream with to events but does it cause LAG? I highly doubt it because I see other communities streaming all the time. I just want confirmation.
Using a capture card to record anything on console does not cause any LAG in gameplay

Depends on the card...   Both Timmy and I both now have Black Magic Intensity Pro HD Cards.. they are fully passthru, No Latency.

2 - "Challonge or TIO" - I actually am in the process of looking for a browser based solution for all future events.  TIO - crashes, and unless the NVGA will finally respond to my requests for an updated version, we are moving on.   Challonge "could lead to too much cost" based on what our staff member who was tasked months ago to review it...  We are going to revisit it as a solution as well as Zeek / z33k / the SC2 solution.

 Overall Challonge seems like a great option as long as you have internet access (which is the main reason we haven't used it at G-FLO -- venue doesn't have public internet access).

Bro you have a android bounce the internet off your 4g phone.... its free. Ill show you at next months event if you guys host it.

Yep.  No matter where if you have an android phone you got internet ...  Just need to be shown how to use the tether for free.. Super easy.

But it does look like Im really leaning towards   But I will revisit Challonge ...  But last time I tested them out they where really lacking in alot of areas.

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