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« on: January 26, 2010, 12:14:48 am »
go here for hilarity <3 Jest3r

Ok so a lot of people have been wanting to do an assembly ffa, I found a pretty decent ffa variant of assembly and wanted to try it out. Its really short notice (tonight at 5) but thats ok, because there isn't a prize other than respect and love, and its more of a test tourney so we can get the bugs out before we lan it.

Anyone interested in playing post here AND send me a message on XBL sometime today.
My gamertag is: JEST3R 4d3

If there is enough people by 4:30 I'll set-up brackets, if there are only eight or less we'll just go for that.

If we bracket, It will be top four move on.

If we have eight or less, we will play 3-5 games and compile the stats, whoever had most kills wins.

If we have more than eight, but not sixteen, we'll figure something else out.

This is an online tourney, so you can tell all your friends as well.

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