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Tabletop & CCG Gamers / D&D 4E LFM
« on: January 21, 2013, 07:39:21 am »
So I've recently discovered the awesomeness that is 4E.  I'm new to D&D but I picked up a Players Handbook, Essentials DM Kit, and Monsters Vault.  Buying Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Dungeon Tile set and a map pack this Fri.
We have 3 players for sure, possibly a 4th but we would love to add 2 or 3 ppl to the mix.
As Im new to the game and DMing, I'm going to be using the published H, P, & E Modules for my first campaign.
My wife makes awesome snacks and we usually have beer & soda on hand.
Games at my house in Glenpool (just south of Jenks, 17 miles S of downtown Tulsa on HWY 75).
We're all a bit older, my wife's 25, I'm 30, there's a 36 & 50 yr old also.  Kinda run the age scale.  No age requirement except 18 or older pls, no offense to teenagers.
If your interested pls msg me on here, after that I can give you my cell # to make it easier.
Almost forgot, games Fri night. Plan on showing up around 7pm and staying as long as everyone wants.

Hello, my name is Mike.  I live in Glenpool and work in Tulsa.  I'm 30, married and have kids.  I haven't played any RPGS,CCG, or tabletop games in years and its time to fix that!
I am available almost every Saturday and Im looking for some cool, nice people to play some games with.
I don't have a preference really as ill be starting from scratch, but I would prefer a paper & pencil or tabletop over a CCG .

Please msg me if you have any interest in a new player.

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