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OH no no no buddy haha. I talk like that all the time no worries mate. Yea i get off at 5 today so about 530-6 i will be on. Ive never really posted or gone to any of the ok tourny just kinda lurkin around till this caught my eye thanks to elmo! haha posted in the kansas thread..

Alright bro, sweet! Send me a friend request, my GT is on here and Googlets friends list. Thanks. ^^

Wouldn't happen to be us would it sk8?
Dont have a team name yet.
Myself - Joesauce
are teaming together and looking for a fourth. Hopefully run games tonight sk8??

Google is from CO springs, schrant and I are from the southwest corner of kansas. About a 5-6 hour drive for us. Will be there around 10 maybe friday night so if any pre-lans are goin on messege me on xbl =) FsT JoeSauce

Edit: schrant and I are over 21 so if anyone wants to have a few brewskis or do some LAN and drink a little friday night and/or saturday night ... haha =)

I didn't mean that to be rude, if you took that rude, sorry mate. O.O
Yeah i'll run any night, you guys could've picked me up last night if you wanted.
Just add me and we'll run whenever, I gave googlet my phone number just incase i'm not on.

Going without a team, i'll come to support unless someone picks me up on there team last minute.
You should message people on halo charts... can you call me tomorrow?

I just read this, I'll call you tomorrow! I might have a team though, some random from Colorado and two kids form Kansas are trying to pick me up.
What time you want me to hit you up?

Going without a team, i'll come to support unless someone picks me up on there team last minute.

Will there be smash ?

Local Players General / HALO REACH.
« on: August 06, 2011, 06:28:54 pm »
Alright, here's how it's going, Why can teams not stay together for more then a week or two ?
This has gotta be the most dumbest thing i've ever seen.
Halo reach teams in Oklahoma are sooo bi polar, you see a team one night, and they're changed the next.
I'm looking for a LAN team, that won't say, "Oh, well ima go team with my friend cause he's my friend."
I'm SICK of this ♥♥♥♥, it's constant, "Well ima go team with him cause i've know him longer. Yeah, I understand we've teamed for months, but i've known him longer."

It's bugging me, so if you're SERIOUS about winning lans, hit up my gamertag - MEA SUNSHIN3.

I can no life and practice 24 hours a day if need be.



Gt: iRyoX

Gt: xsHoTxOuTx

LF 2 planning on winning this b. Hmu.

Wanna make it TO3 ? I bet I can get get someone also.

anyone that feels like they are going to win this need a 4th? hmu, ill be more then happy to make the trip down and game.  ;D

I'm a F/A also, maybe we can be a to2.

Wassup guys, i'll be bringing a team to this for sure. I'll update when the roster is set.

HMU to play, GT: Shvdy

If you need someone, I'm a FA.
Hit me up  - GT: MEA SUNSHIN3.


Fighting Gamers / Re: MvC3 PSN/XBL Name Exchange
« on: July 16, 2011, 08:53:39 pm »
MEA SUNSHIN3 - Xbox - Norman, Oklahoma

I'm looking to get into BlackOps, i'm a halo player mainly, but i can still tear a few things up and i'm a quick learner. If ya'll need someone still, hit me up and test my skills. :D


I run Halo Reach MLG alot if you need someone to play with!
Gamertag - MEA SUNSHIN3

I already have a team, but it'd be cool to run with you. :D

id enter FFA since i cant find anyone near me in noble (2 mins from norman)

I live in Norman bro, :P

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