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Yeah, I got there early enough, about 5:20 or so, my sis a bit earlier looking for Fury.  If I didn't have my phone to check the forums I woulda been lost basically.

Yeah OKC turned away a lot of people, noone got to see another movie or anything as far as I could tell.  There were people going in well around 7:20 and coming out with the orange flyer they were giving out...which was just a flyer about 2012!

Of course only then, and the line probably was full since 6:40-6:50 lol.  I took Fury's remaining tickets and started TRYING to give them out lol.  Most people already had one, but there was 2 guys that was looking for him.  I missed the movie, BUT that was also because I was waiting on my friend.  He showed up probably 15 minutes after I heard it was full, so I stood around telling people it was full while I waited.

So in my hand I had 14 tickets left, and one guy gave me his lol.  So outta the 2 I gave away, one was used, and my sister got to use hers to see the movie.  Good stuff though, just glad they were free or I'd been mad :)  My coworker won one from a radio station and she didn't make it in, and she was mad about that.

Sports Gamers / Re: Racing Gamers!
« on: September 10, 2009, 01:17:39 pm »
I'm not big into racing games, but I could see myself playing a few with some friends.  So if I went to a tourney for one, mario kart would be a fun racing game ;) lol.  For a normal racing game it just depends, but generally I might consider going depending on the game and how it looks to me.

Same, I'll definitely come.  I live in Norman, so this helps :)

I think he's only gonna say a wee bit, cause his wife probably looks on here ;)

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