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it's his best shot at money is what he means...

You know this makes me wanna continue where he left off. I wanna build a community so strong that it stands to be a testament to what he had visioned seeing the OKGamers being. I didn't know him to well, but I don't want to see him go in vain. I will always remember him. and I won't let the dream that he had die because of this. It raises my spirits to help the community in whatever way I can.

EVO in a nut shell will be 2 games on day 3 the next and finals is day three...

As for price. yeah, it's a few 100's

and AnimeFreak is the best bang in the southwest (that I've seen)

I hope to go but it's starting to look super gloomy for me..

we are up here now!! Any new people that would like to learn or just come out and play feel free. Any tuesday.

dude 4.0 is ♥♥♥.... Saying I had the books, the time etc etc I'd love to play some 3.5 but alas... I do not...

from what I take?

NO ONE... I REAAALLLYT Want to... And Tim... We knew you weren't going

For any and all questions regarding The tournament itself you can go to these pages

Evo website, Front page.

Evo Rules and Standards


Reason this is posted is because I want to know if ANYONE in the OK is going besides from Ruty(Tenido) and I(Flip17). Granted it's going to cost a lot of money,

Games are

Tekken 6

The tournament is 70$+10$ per tournament.

I found a deal on for 4 nights of hotel and a round trip flight for 608 per person for 4

Who's thinking about going, Who's going for sure? let me know folks...

I'm still kinda salty about the whole situation. I know I can't complain but my ♥♥♥♥ won't come out on a stick without an octagon gate. I mean, I'll play with whatever stick I can get my hands on.

Also, do we know if a dual mod guy is going to be there?
that would fix my problem too... lol

Yeah, yeah... still sucks... I'll figure out how to find a P3 stick.

And I didn't post the rules but the way they hold the tourney... it's just better if you ask me

You could always buy a 360 -> ps3 converter from me when I get my shipment in.

It'll work on my fightstick without lagging the ♥♥♥♥ out of it?? I don't want a repeat of T.C.C.

Yeah, yeah... still sucks... I'll figure out how to find a P3 stick.

And I didn't post the rules but the way they hold the tourney... it's just better if you ask me

okaaaay second question why p3??

I don't know anyone in tulsa with AE on p3...

I'm just curious why It's Super? AE just came out...

Also, I'd like to run it by Evo standards...

UCC in Dallas was by far one of the best run tourneys I've been to.
A tournament consisting of 73+ players getting to top 8 in 6 hours...

say Hi to crazy, Philip Lee, Tou, Rudy, and Tyler.

They all going too...

Duude... I'ma give out a mini rant...

99.99% of all fighting game players play 1-3 games. Going to do Random games tourneys is like saying we don't know what game we're going to play... Alien Games still tries to throw a tourney on a dead fighter that none of us play. but they always throw a street fighter tourney too because that's what we all come for... and now that we're slowing building a gaming comunity for MvC3 I hope they aren't going to try anything else. with the exception of brand new games.

I think you should try to at least announce what game you're going to play. and than figure out what works.

I'll play it Timmy... It will be fun

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