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If your looking for halo players in a specific city?  Feel free to post a new thread clearly labelled:

"City - Halo 2 players?" or "City - Halo players represent!", etc, etc.

HOWEVER - all other halo online or offline player threads that are non-specific to a city or intended for the entire state - are now being combined in this local players thread.

Use this thread for all your halo competition searches that span the state, or are online with locals.  Remember  - POST ON HERE if your looking for those things, otherwise your thread will be merged with this one :)


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hey there my name is ryan weaver, play halo 2 all the time out here in wellston oklahoma..the town has alot of kids that play but mainly just 7 that are per say dedicated to it, but we each ahve an xbox our selves n our own tvs we take with us, that and we also havea 116 port hub with the 16 cat 5 cords to go with it, were just lookin for compatition and also to have fun, my xbox live gamer tag is Icychiller, and like i said i just want to have a big ♥♥♥ lan party with halo 2 sum whatever, and tulsa isnt that far from me usually ever summer we go to lake keystone near mannford...but if i had to drive to tulsa to have a tourny with you guys..i would..just hit me back and let me know what you think..see yea..


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Icychiller: i hate thie keyboard the c doesnt work n less u smash the ♥♥♥♥♥ out of wayz my name is icychiller not icyhiller btw,, but yes i have alot of the essentials incase anyone wants to thorw a part im 2/m from wellston oklahoma which is maybea 1hr - 1hr 15 from tulsa i9 just take the turnpike up there, my email addrss is [email protected] my aim name as wel as my yahoo name is icychiller and my work sn is waterboys02 email me or whatever if anyone is interested and if you have a myspace thing my personal one is see yall lata


Anyway - moved your thread into this new forum - as it's actually where your needing it, and I hadn't thrown this forum up yet ; )  I'll also try and get some more Halo hosting places up here re: what goes on in Tulsa at least - and incourage anyone else you happen to run into - as we get alot of traffic coming in and watching, just waiting for tournament announcements, heck half my search traffic is Halo based - so let's get in the game!


I'm a Halo boy.

I attend MLG tournaments as a fulltime judge. I will be at every single Major League Gaming tournament of this season.

I'm lookin for local LANs and stuff.

Also, I forgot to mention where I am located.

I'm in the metro OKC area, close to Mustang and Yukon.

I might make a post in the tournament section regarding Major League Gaming.


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