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Looking for any and all L5R players both CCG and RPG

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I am looking to start a semi-regular game day playing Legend of the Five Rings either CCG or RPG.  Preferably at Wizards Asylum for the CCG.  The RPG is revised 3rd edition playing the Heroes of Rokugan campaign ( for more details).


The web site for Legend of the Five Rings  looked interesting I might be interested

Any takers? 

Hey, good meeting you the other day!

Turns out yes, Conestoga is doing L5R -

Now, if I can just get them to post their list on the site so people can find it in search lol.


Ok life jackhammered me and totally stopped this endeavor so here we go again.  I am looking for players and potential players to play Legend of the Five Rings or L5R for short (  This includes a collectible card game (incidentally it is the second longest running ccg behind Magic the Gathering), a pen-n-paper table top role playing system, and a live-action role playing system.  I will posts a brief introduction to each below.

Welcome to Legend of the Five Rings, where honor is a force more powerful than steel.
Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) is a world of heroic samurai, elemental priests, and sharp-minded courtiers.
Sworn to one of nine Clans, each with its own unique philosophy on warfare( ), you will pit your wits against your rivals for the glory of your daimyo and the honor of victory. With an interactive storyline that advances each week, the decks you build and the tournaments you win can change the fortunes of your self, your Clan, even the Empire itself.
Celestial Edition is the exciting new base set for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG (collectible card game). The strategy, tactics, and strong Clan themes that are the hallmarks of L5R are in full evidence, and more accessible to new players than ever before. We have designed this 350+ card set to appeal to all players of L5R, from the campaign-hardened veteran to the samurai neophyte who is drawing his katana for the first time.

Heroes of Rokugan, which is also known as Champions of the Sapphire Throne (and formerly as "Living Rokugan"), is an ongoing role-playing campaign using the Legend of the Five Rings role-playing game published by Alderac Entertainment Group. You will be able to play your characters in any HoR event that runs anywhere in the world, gaining more experience, honor, glory, and status, and helping to shape the fate of the Emerald Empire.

Almost all HoR events take place at conventions, game-days, or home play. There are a limited number online games as well, usually run through an instant messenger program. If you are interested in online events, we strongly recommend that you join the HoR Yahoo Group as that is where most of the organization for such events takes place.

Heroes of Rokugan does not require you to register yourself or your character. We do not have memberships or dues. We also do not require you to 'validate' or otherwise get official approval for your character sheet -- instead, the GM at each table is expected to briefly review each character for legality before starting play. We do ask that you read and follow our character creation and house rules, and restrict your characters to playing only in official HoR adventure modules. The only thing you need to do to begin playing is to have your GM start requesting modules from our library.

What is The Imperial Court?
The Imperial Court is a nationwide linked gaming network for the Legend of the Five Rings Live Action Role-playing Game developed by Alderic Entertainment Group.
What does it do?
The Imperial Court organizes system by which groups of Live Action role players may interacts between their individual area games in a cooperative playing of the Legend of Five Rings Storyline. This organized cooperative play for L5R LARP allows players to play the same characters in multiple local games and at sponsored convention based games.
How do you get involved?
Registration with the The Imperial Court is free of charge. Simply fill out and email or mail in the Player Sign Up Form and you’ll be contacted via mail or email with your Imperial Court Player Card. This small paper verification (we suggest you laminate it) will allow you to register a character with the system and play in participating ongoing monthly games (known as Sagas) and in special one time games held at conventions and special events (known as Legends).

Players register as participating in their local Saga or as Unaffiliated players. Unaffiliated players are players that have registered with the Imperial Court and have generated characters but have no local Saga to interact with. Unaffiliated players have fewer play options as they have no dedicated Saga GM to work with.
Books allowed for use in The Imperial Court
The only rule book used by this linked game for mechanics is the Legend of the Five Rings Live Action Roleplaying Oriental Adventures book copyright 2004.
All other Legend of the Five Rings publications are legitimate references for storyline, character background, and research (even the use of vassal and minor family names and back ground is acceptable) but only the game play rules in the L5R LARP book will be used.



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