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Hello Gamers. We are trying to see if the madden community has grown any. We have held a few Madden tournaments in the past and all of them have ultimately failed because of the lack of attendance. So let us know if your out there!

We cant start a league if we dont have the players to do it. So far maddog you are the only one to reply to any of our madden posts other than a few people that arent active on these forums at all.

Im sorry for my last post, what I should have said was, We are trying to get an estimate of how many active forum members are serious madden players. Yes Timmy knows a lot of outside madden players but  wanted to get a number from OKGamers.

tell Timmy to send me his madden players, we need some more

Timmy Skorcher:

--- Quote from: maddog on September 10, 2009, 02:28:08 pm ---Sounds fishy to me! lol, Hey Timmy, get your madden guys and I will get some together and we can have a nice team tournament for some big bucks, what do you say?

When are you going to release the date/time/place?  You can't just say at the last minute and expect people to show up.

--- End quote ---
Please read forum rules.. Do not post event on an event. We dont do it to yours dont do it to anyone elses. Also its easy to get people to show up for free tournaments. Our tournaments are entry based.


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