Author Topic: GAMERS - What to do when you find an event / tournament NOT POSTED on OKgamers!  (Read 3821 times)

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So - while there is a resource for posting new events, etc - we really don't have anything letting gamers know what to do about:
 - Finding a business who has an event or finding a event that's not posted
 - Finding out that there ARE events for their game, and we just don't have it posted, and what to do....

SO - a quick explanation of the THREE TYPES OF REASONS - this would happen, and what to do!

TYPE ONE - and most common:
The Business has never heard of before - is only going on 4 years old, and has had MANY misconceptions about it over the years (Only Tulsa, Only Soul Calibur lool, Only Video Games, etc), and oh yea, is just NOT a company - so we don't actively advertise enough for everyone to know about us.

...that's where you come in!  You can HELP us spread the word and become a better resource - just tell them about us!

If a business or event hasn't heard of us - tell them that we are a free site dedicated to networking gamers in the Oklahoma area - and for free they can post their event and use us to promote!  We even encourage using our URL on their flyers to make it easy for gamers to find out about their event - free promotion, free easy to use URL, it's great!

Are they concerned about how to post?  There is a tutorial off the front page, and even a general tips thread:,1023.0.html

After a business posts - we promote their account to Business User - so they can have access to our business only forums!

They have questions - and you don't have answers? 
Have them use our contact form off the front page - WE WILL HELP THEM - that's WHAT THE SITE IS HERE FOR!

Seriously - we go OUT OF OUR WAY for businesses.  As you HOPEFULLY have read in the Code of Conduct - we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy about flaming or 'ranking' a business or their event - we protect businesses so they can spend their precious time either posting, or running their company, not defending themselves in some flame war or against a troll.  (Unfair to gamers?  Without businesses this site wouldn't exist, no content - so we do what we can to protect them, and get them to feel comfortable to post!)

They have a question, issue, whatever - have them use the contact form, we'll happily call or email them back!

TYPE TWO - not as rare as you'd think:
The Business has HEARD about OKgamers, but never posted their event
Business owners are BUSY people.  They have a life, a company to run, and oh yea, are trying to promote everything they do?  It's a lot of work.  Don't HASSLE them, but if you can, gently remind them that we exist :)  Remind them that it's free, we protect the rights of businesses above all else, and that we'll even help them throw the event if they want.  We are pro-businesses in OK.  Without them - we'd have nothing to do!!

...just remember - be nice!  And it never hurts to ask or keep up to date :)

TYPE THREE - and frustrates us too, but:
The Business feels they have enough gamers, and do not want to promote their events

In our travels, in Tulsa, we've found that there are game shops that simply do not want event promotion.  From them perhaps not wanting to deal with what might seem a fad, to simply them being overly busy now?  They simply do NOT want to post their events on OKgamers.

We cannot force them.  We do not suggest you seek these companies out.  We WANT YOU to leave them alone, if they express this.

It's simply a open and shut case - - is OPT IN.  If they don't want to use us to help promote their event, there's nothing else to do.



Short answer - with their permission - sure.  We know some business owners may never have the time.

HOWEVER - it's always best for the business owner to post the event.  Questions go straight to them, they know what's going on the best, and less miscommunication happens. 

NEVER - post an event without their permission.  We do not go around the wishes of businesses, and when we post for a business, it's always "opt in" or they've asked us to for them.  Someday a "Type 3" business might want to use us - let's not RUIN that chance by pressuring them, or forcing the topic.  Always have permission!

Gamers - have questions about how to help us?  Spreading the word but run across a issue you don't know?  Always feel free to ask - and use this thread to do so as well!


Oklahoma doesn't have to "suck" - spread the word. - our goals

New to the site?  Welcome to!  Let us know how you found us!