Author Topic: OKC - HxC Summer Season Finals - H3 4v4/H3 FFA/SSBB 1v1 - 11/07/09  (Read 69191 times)

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Re: OKC - HxC Summer Season Finals - H3 4v4/H3 FFA/SSBB 1v1 - 11/07/09
« Reply #390 on: November 11, 2009, 04:38:32 pm »
I got home. I walked in and he was asleep so i went asleep

very well played.

n e repercussions of that yet?
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Re: OKC - HxC Summer Season Finals - H3 4v4/H3 FFA/SSBB 1v1 - 11/07/09
« Reply #391 on: November 13, 2009, 02:54:56 am »
Timmy they do best of 11, and since they had already played before they do a continuation. But either way, im happy, i got a pamphlet :)
OK but even with a  best of Eleven Wheres my Money won 6??????
Okay, well I'm not trying to call you out, nor am I even mad, just trying to help you understand.

Jon made a point that usually in MLG they play best of 5 in a series instead of best of 3 (i'm not sure when they start playing best of 5, either it's all pro bracket or in the later rounds of pro bracket). So, since the first series (best of 3) was two games less then the championship series (best of 5) it would make the continuation series be the best of 9, not 11.

Since OKFB beat Where's my Money 2-0 in the earlier series that's where this continuation would start.

OKFB Leads 2-0

Then they played a "5 game series". Where's my money took 3 out to 5 of those games.

Now if you add those up OKFB is still ahead despite losing that "series"

OKFB still leads 4-3

Where's my Money ends up winning the next game tying the series @ 4-4

OKFB ends up winning the next game putting them up 5-4.  With that game OKFB wins the series by 1 game. Tournament over.
Good Point.... but we follow mlg almost to the T.... we didnt give losers bracket finals  best of 5... I called juggs out before the match started. So if you guys wanted it the other way you should have stopped me right then and there... normally you do. Dont worry about losing one tournametn.You won every single tournament In oklahoma... not just the city OKLAHOMA. Thats huuuuuge. NO one wins all the time every time. Congrats to the finalist. In the future we need to discuss Finals and Losers Finals. Fair enough?
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