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Stillwater – StillCon2 2010! - Mar 26-28 2010

Stillcon 2 is coming! The Stillwater Gamers are back and proud to bring you another round of all gaming.
This year we are looking at taking up even more space at the Stillwater Plaza bringing you the opportunity to participate in even larger tournaments of Magic, Warhammer 40K and L5R
Come visit our website. it is still under construction, but the forums are already up and running and information is being added regularly.
Current Schedule if it holds will have

Warhammer 40K on Saturday: There is a 20 man limit so Register soon!

Fantasy and WarMachine on Sunday

L5R LARP: This is Winter Court People come participate in The Imperial Courts Winter Court and meet the Emperor of Rokugan! For more information on the Imperial Court go to

L5R CCG: Alternate Realities is a level 11 Stronghold and has been awarded a Special Storyline Tournament during the Kotei season (very rare!). We have enough space for 90 players so pre-reg to get your 30 dollar CCG ticket which registers you for the tournament and includes a free pass for the whole weekend!

RPGA: Knight Arms will be hosting the RPGA room and will have atleast 4 tables available for gaming around the clock.

Table top:  Do you want a Free T-Shirt? Come run games at Stillcon2

Pathfinder: We have atleast 3-5 GMs prepped to run games. This game is gaining players and momentum we also need GMs for this so let us know if you want to run modules and we’ll get them for you!

Castle and Crusades: Artist, Peter Bradely will be here again and he is bringing the creator of Castle and Crusades to demo this game. This was a great Sunday past time last year and we hope to make it a whole weekend event

Magic: WOTC is considering Stillcon a Premier tournament and we have 80 seats total, but they are already filling up so register for the CCG Weekend Ticket which includes registration for the Premier Tournament and a pass for the whole weekend. There will also be Magic drafts and tournaments on Friday and Sunday. Magic all weekend long!

Historical Minatures Demo: We will have another Historical Minatures demo and small tournament so come watch and play!

Munchkin Madness!: Munchkin is a town favorite and we wouldn’t be at a convention without it so there will be munchkin tournaments all weekend. This includes Adult Munchkin in the bar after hours (You must be 21 to play in these games)

Boardgames: We need to know what you want to play at Stillcon. Got a game you want to try or haven’t played in a while. Let us know we’ll hunt it down. Last year there was recommendations for more board games so tell us want you want to play and we will provide! We will have a slew of board games available for play and if you want to bring something to demo let us know. Little Shoppe of Games will also be at Stillcon this year and they have lots of games for sale!

Open gaming: Don’t forget Stillcon always provides tables for random gaming so if you have something you want to play or host let us know or simply show up with all your friends and have a blast! Loren has agreed to come back and demo Spycraft and the new Fantasy Craft is out!

Peter Bradley is returning this year and he may bring his co-hort and creator of the Castle and Crusades. This was a sucessful game last year so we happily welcome it back.

We will also have Panels on gaming: Including panels on “Good LARP, Bad LARP” “Being a Gamer Girl” and more.
Our dealer's room will include:

 Alternate Realities Table providing you with all your gaming needs including books, dice, cards and games and will be in the dedicated L5R room.
Little Shoppe of Games: will be providing additional gaming supplies and board games.

The Butterfly Clan will be teaming together to bring you a table full of Jewelry, Costumes (including, Steampunk, Loli, and of course Kimonos for rent or purchase), and there will be a plethora of hair accessories including Loli, Steampunk, and Kawai!

The Scotsman: provides fine crafted swords and jewelry including Samurai swords in all colors. Peace Bonding is available so you can proudly wear your sword at the LARP!

The Hotel will be providing Concessions including sodas, a basic con food for very reasonable prices.

We need you to pre-reg and secure hotel rooms so we can provide you with the best gaming convention ever.

Don’t feel like a second class citizen at another convention come to StillCon and “Get your Geek on!”

Pre-Reg is only 20 dollars for the regular ticket and 30 for the CCG ticket which gives you a seat at either the L5R or Magic Saturday tournament. Remember seats are limited for the CCGs so Pre-Reg!

So go to the site, take a look around and get to chatting in the forums. PAYPAL IS NOW AVAIABLE. GO REGISTER!

Stillcon2 is a community based gaming convention ran by gamers for gamers so if you wish to help assist in the making this convention the best it can be please contact [email protected].

For further information visit our website,, or call Alternate Realities at 405.533.3836.
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Re: Stillwater – StillCon2 2010! - Mar 26-28 2010 (Update!) New! New! New!
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The above info has been updated so if you had read it in the past read it again!

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Re: Stillwater – StillCon2 2010! - Mar 26-28 2010 (Update!) New! New! New!
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want to attend.... not sure if i can

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Re: Stillwater – StillCon2 2010! - Mar 26-28 2010 (Update!) New! New! New!
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ill be there

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Re: Stillwater – StillCon2 2010! - Mar 26-28 2010 (Update!) New! New! New!
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The L5R Storyline Tournament has been decided. The information below will also be posted as a separate event!

This is our official community advertisement. I put ( ▬▬▬▬ details coming soon) where I wasn't sure about something. Better to stay quiet than to get it wrong.



Legacy of Lost Traveler Castle

Amid the unaligned lands of Rokugan, there stand few true strongholds of honor and law. The Great and Minor Clans secure their borders against all threats, and brave magistrates travel the land in an attempt to protect those who dwell between, but the Empire is vast, and there is much for such servants of order to accomplish. In one tiny corner of Rokugan, however, the hard-working people know that their lot is different, and they look to the tower in the distance with gratitude and pride, knowing that they are blessed by the protection of such valiant warriors as those who dwell within it.

They look to Lost Traveler Castle.

Years ago, a ronin from one of the Great Clans laid the first stones of Lost Traveler Castle, its formation part of the penance that the warrior felt must be paid for the circumstances of his departure from his clan. Although his fervent hope at the time was that his legacy might make a difference for the people of Rokugan in the future, he had no way of knowing that his fate and that of the Legion of Two Thousand would intersect at the castle he created.

Storyline Prize

The winner of this tournament will determine the former clan affiliation of the ronin who constructed Lost Traveler Castle, and as a result will tie that clan’s story into that of the castle and the current activities of the Legion of Two Thousand and their battle against the Destroyer’s Horde in modern Rokugan.

Event Information

Date: March 27th, 2010

Time: ▬▬▬▬ (will be updated very soon)

Place: Stillwater, OK. Stillwater is the home of Oklahoma State University. It is geographically between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
The tournament will be held during Stillwater's annual convention, Stillcon. The venue is The Stillwater Plaza Hotel
Here's a map of the town. Zoom out to get an idea of where we are.

Price: $35 (at the door), $30 (if you pre-reg!) Is for entry into the storyline tournament and the convention

Format: Celestial format 40/40.
We will be following standard swiss competitive format as outlined in the comprehensive rules.
So, sadly, the tournaments namesake will not be legal.

Prizes: The storyline effect. See above↑
A SUIT OF ARMOR!(a larpers dream, ▬▬▬▬ details coming soon)
Plenty of boxes of product.
A complete unopened set of Death at Koten.
Katana (←Plural)
Hand-Crafted ( ▬▬▬▬ details coming soon)

Our prizes respect players at all levels of play. Though the victorious surely deserve their spoils, passion for the game will not be overlooked.

Need Help Getting Here?:
If you are flying into Tulsa or OKC, we can get you here. Just PM me and we can work something out.

From Tulsa, OK:
Take Highway US-412 West, turns into Cimarron Turnpike (toll $1.25), for 56 miles to Stillwater Y Exit. Travel another 7 miles. Exit south onto Perkins Road for 5 miles. Hotel is on the east side (left).

From Oklahoma City, OK:
Take I-35 North to Exit 174 (Highway 51). Go east (right) for 17 miles to Perkins Road. Go north (left) on Perkins Road another 1 mile. Hotel is on the east side (right).

From Wichita, KS:
Take I-35 South to Exit 174 (Highway 51). Go east (right) for 17 miles to Perkins Road. Go north (left) on Perkins Road another 1 mile. Hotel is on the east side (right).

Other L5R Activities At StillCon:
There will be a dealers table/Room to pick up product or supplies, such as sleeves, tokens.
Friday Night (26th) Is a time to bring your wants list and Trade, Trade, Trade.
There is going to be a huge larp. ( ▬▬▬▬ details coming soon)
There is going to be an L5R draft on Sunday. The player limit is ( ▬▬▬▬ details coming soon)
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Last Day to Pre-Reg for StillCon.

Check the website for the latest updates and to register. You can also purchase Tickets at Alternate Realities.