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I know there is already a thread about World of Warcraft. I felt the other one was a little outdated, and not that many people Listed on it! So please players of Oklahoma list.   

Character Name:

Character Server:

Character Level:

Im just curious who out there still plays Wow.

Please do it for little baby Riox

Btw I play I have 5 80's

Priest, Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Warlock..  I am also pro at Arena. Get at me..

Character Name: MarvelMan
Character Server: Azermyst
Character Level: 64

I have many others thats just the one I play with from time to time.  My Wife plays, and Many MANY others

Michael Jackson:
Character Name(s):
Paxine - Human Priest
Paxinette - Gnome Warrior
Paxina - Human Mage
Paxeen - Human Paladin
*Name not acceptable for these forums* - Blood Elf Death Knight

Character Server: All on Illidan

Character Level: All 80s because I was unemployed as heck.

I don't play much anymore due to guildmates skimming back their playtime due to either jobs, school, or just wanting to get out of the house during the warmer months. 

I was deep into arenas in BC, but not at all during Wrath as I was using WoW as a surrogate Fighting Game while I waited for better games in which to 'GET MAH PVP ON' to come out.  (and now they ARE out!)

Billy Mays:
Character Name:

Character Server:
All on Elune - Alliance

Character Level:
All 80 (except for 2.)
I have way too much time on my hands. Selling gold helps. Used to be a hardcore raider, stopped because half of my guild ragequit.

Kynrock - 80 - Shaman
Kynrus - 70 - Warrior
Kynrune - 67 - Death Knight
Kryos - 58 - Druid

Alliance all on Alleria.


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