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Before Posting a new topic - READ ME FIRST //
« on: June 21, 2006, 06:42:22 pm »
Hello, and welcome to the Tournament Planning, Hype & Aftermath forum.

This read me covers -

 - Intro [PLEASE read]
 - Planning & Hype more in depth
 - **important** How to title a new thread in this section
 - Suggestions for information to include in your thread
 - Spreading the word

Intro -

This forum covers 3 types of threads.

Planning or Hype - you don't have all your details yet.  Location, games and format; something important enough to hold off from ACTUALLY setting your date / making the thread official.  So - your either Planning - asking people for thoughts, getting responses, or Hype - which is letting everyone know it's coming / getting people prepared / the word out about the event before you actually lock it down.

The third, is Aftermath - once a tournament is over, the thread is moved [or shortly after it's moved, we are human here :)] from the Tournaments & Events forum, into this forum - for the 'aftermath' - or all the talk after the tournament, pictures and video links, etc.

Planning & Hype - more in depth:

So you want to throw a tournament or a event?  Need tips?  

Or - have the idea pretty much fleshed out - but don't know if there is interest or something like that?  

This forum is where your questions can be answered, and your tournament idea hyped even before you've set a date or location.  NEVER underestimate the power of buzz - you SURE you gonna do something?  Then start the hype now, post about it.

If your looking for competition - check out that section of the forums, Local Competition.  If your looking to have general chat, find more information out on a gaming community, or so forth - please visit those sections.

FLYER [email protected]?#  Or, where to put them?  The Tournament Forum Readme has that info in there, so check it out, and add info on locations if you know more.

Posting a new thread in this section - it's all about formatting:

When you go to post, you might not know all the info yet - but I bet you've got the general concept down - so put as much as you can.

If you DON'T have the city yet - at least point out the general area in the 'city' area of the thread title.  

posting please use the following format - minus the brackets of course -

(City it's being held in) - (Game or games being played) - (Date or dates of the event if you have it, and any title relavent info)

Obviously, if you don't know the date, you can just put City/Area - Game/Games/Event to be discussed.

ExampleOKC area - Halo2/SSBM tournament?

This site is focused on the ENTIRE state, so keep that in mind when posting.  YOU NEED to include city information / location, so people will know.  We choose to keep the forums by general type of content, verses breaking it up by city - this way we don't "get off in our corners' and forget to work together.  HOWEVER - that means you must be clear when posting where your location for a tournament, or even the planning of one is. The more you know, the better you can spread the word, so on so forth.  

***It's important you maintain this format.  This keeps the forums usable - which is THE main goal, to keep things easy to use, and quick to incourage easy browsing.***


What should I include in my thread?

When you go to make a thread be thinking about the fact people have NO IDEA what’s going on beyond what you’ve said.  They’ve read your title, are interested, now you just need to get them the info they want, and get them in the know.

A quick intro – a good idea just to get side items out of the way, and announce anything they might really be wanting to know right then, like mention the prize, or the format of the tournament, so on so forth.  This is where you can be like "So I know I don't have everything down yet - but here's what I know I want to do." Then transition into the rest of the important stuff after.

The date set if available – very important to remind them and give specifics you couldn’t include in the thread title like times of day.  Remember to specify a signup time, and when the cut off is.  Also, and of course very important, remember to tell them when the tournament it’s self is starting.  Don't know yet?  That's fine - but remember to think about these things as you develop your actual Tournament, and the thread in the Tournament section later.

Location if known – give the street address, and the phone number to the actual establishment if possible.  Also include a mapquest or yahoo maps link if you can, as that speeds people’s experience up, and makes it more accessible to them.  Don't know specifics yet?  That's fine - but don't just ignore everything location wise.  If you at LEAST know the city - say so as that will affect interest, and who people tell about this.

Cost if worked out – it’s very important to warn people upfront if there is a location, and/or entry fee.  Be upfront, as you don’t want someone traveling on a tight budget to get to your event – only to find out they can’t attend due to some random new expense.  Once again, include as much info as you can now, and people will be thankful.

Rules and extra points – rules are important, and the way you’ll handle the game, the brackets, and anything else that might come into play – should be thought about and included.  Just being upfront and in the know also makes a event more likely to draw people to come out and play.  And, if you have any events or anything else associated with the tournament – that would be a good time to tell them.


You might have other questions like what you can do to help your cause beyond this site, flyer tips, and so on.  Check out the The Tournament Forum Readme as it is a more complete and exaustive look at doing the setup and planning and spreading the word.


And finally  – please help the cause by USING this site.  Just by finding out about a tournament - or in this case just the idea of one, can REALLY spread the word about this site, and get more people in the know, and connected.  Whether it's just throwing out the idea now and using this site to get feedback, or hosting a tournament and putting the info out there, by using as that base; on a flyer, where you've been linking people to, or just as one of the sites your posting your info up to – your spreading the word not only about your event, but others as well. is a easy to remember url, and a central place which is all you need when it comes to gathering info and making life easier.  The only thing that stops events from being fun, or from dying out – is attendance.  The more people that know about the site, and post information – the more the word will get out and people will hook up.  So I ask you to please use to further your cause and ours.  Let’s get the word out – have more tournaments and events, more fun, and bigger events in and around Oklahoma.

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