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Like this?!?

Can I suggest we use a googledoc link to keep all these names on? Put the link in the OP so that the next person who posts can just add their name and if people want to change their names it will be easy to edit. Just make it so you have to be given the link to find it, not searchable, and you have to be logged in to edit it. Someone screws with it, revert it back to previous version and ban their account from accessing the googledoc.


Would work for a list, but what about if someone wants to follow up outside of XBL?  Like, for instance, send you a PM asking more questions, or if you are personally still doing it, etc?

The mods can help keep the thread clean, if that's the concern.  Otherwise - is it just for ease of use, worked well somewhere else you've seen, or? 


They could still post here when they add their name. Just easy way to keep an up to date list without relying on the OP or Mods to constantly edit the first post. Plus the thread could become a kind of twitter feed with people posting,  tomorrow(3/4/211) 8:00 central I am gonna be online and looking for some matches.

I dont know just an idea that popped into my head.

 I wonder if Twitter feeds could be setup actually, like a MvC3 twitter account setup that everyone who is interested can follow and people can post to it, "Hey getting on Mv3 PSN in 30 minutes, PSN name is Killjoy" and everyone whose got smartphones and following would get a notification pop up. If there is any value in this idea perhaps it should be split into a separate thread but I dont know if its already been brought up.

You should be able to have a field entry with two options (xbl or PSN) and then once they press register it shows up in a sticky thread.

Even better, have make sure everyone puts their PSN/XBL name in their profile, and allow them to simply click "add to MvC3" list and have a list auto update.


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