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Looking for a LARP in Tulsa

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Looking to get back into LARP. Played VTM for 5 years in Florida.  :)
If you have a LARP or know of one let me know.

I'm trying to find a good one, too.  I live about half hour from Tulsa and REALLY want a good LARP, D&D group, some gamers, Dagorhir, SOMETHING.  WHere would I go to find more info or get started on it?

There is an active amtgard park in tulsa that meets on saturdays.  It's like dag.  There is also an active sca group if you are into hardcore fighting.

I know there is a V:tR larp in Tulsa.  Usually plays on 2nd and 4th weekend.

I have an old story teller team that is somewhat new to the Tulsa area.  We have a story ready to run we are looking for some players.  Spring time is when we were looking to start so we can finish getting settled, we would start sooner but we don't have an indoor or covered location to play at this time.  Anyone interested in playing can contact us at [email protected] we can email the character creation rules and work with you to get everything going.


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