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Just thought id show you guys the game ive been playing for around 3 yrs now. This is the server i play on [SAMP] 24/7 UnLimited FreeRoam [New Video 4.9.2010] [1080p HD]

That is just a video one of the players made awhile back, here is another video of the game but not the server i play on, just to show u what its like GTA SA Multiplayer Duel XxOECxX vs xskc

Those r just some videos to show u what its like, if u guys are interested let me know i would love to generate new friends and more people to game with on here, btw im a moderator on the server i play on so you guys decide to play and have any questions just let me know ill b glad to help

Are they switching weapons so much because shotguns are the most powerful gun, and it's quicker to switch weapons than reload?

sawnoffs r powerful, but switching is just part of the game, every player does it, some servers dont allow it, learning to switch and 2 shot and c bug r very helpful, if u dont learn them u wont get far. 2 shot is where u shoot 2 sawnoffs instead of 4 and then switch guns, and switch back to sawnoffs and shoot 2 more, and keep repeating, therefore its like a no reload for sawnoffs, again some servers dont allow it, c bugging is where u aim, shoot, press c and u will move quicker instead of shooting and taking a second and then moving, thats just with walk weapons though

So here is a video i made while playing GTA Samp today

Let me know what you guys think


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