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Sapulpa - PLANNING: Sapulpa Tech Con (PC LAN, Halo, CoD, Fighters) - 1/21/12

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Saturday, January 21st: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Sapulpa's Central Technology Center  (15 minutes outside of Tulsa)
1720 S Main
Sapulpa, OK

What we know: Sapulpa's biggest gamer gathering!  Come out to this 4th annual PC LAN event; Sapulpa Central Tech and OKgamers working together to make this event even more awesome!  Last year's attendance was over 300 people, without the large console presence being brought out for this year!  Come out to this great event to enjoy tournaments, free stuff and casual gaming as well!

( We've setup some tournaments - if there is interest at the event before 12:30pm, we'll arrange tournaments for any game already present around 1pm! )


PC AREA:  Freeplay and events happening, with BYO rigs, as well as PC's setup by Sapulpa Central Tech!
(We've had several groups excited about LoL...  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHOW YOU EXIST IN OK!!  Come out and LoL it up showing there is a community?  OKgamers will support you at future Promotional Events like TnT!!)

CONSOLE AREA: Freeplay and tournaments happening as well!  We'll have tournament only setups brought by HxC, as well as freeplay consoles brought by OKgamers and the community!  Want to have a tournament, we'll be down to organize it!

PC - No PC tournaments planned at this time

Halo Reach - 2v2
Call of Duty: MW3 - 2v2

PC games so far:
Modern Warfare 3
CoD WaW: Nazi Zombies
(LoL and SC2 being discussed)

Console -
Kinect Games like Dance Central 2 and Rise of Nightmares!
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Smash Bros 64
Soul Calibur 4
SSF and Marvel
And More!!

(Want a tournament from one of these or another?  Speak up!!)

HxC - will help provide hardware for the HR / CoD
Mobile Game Trucks - will be on hand for the awesomeness to provide even more awesome gaming!!

And you won't want to miss the awesome Red Bull girls as they come out to hook up our entire day of gaming with some wings!!


We gather titles of games you are interested in - what else would you like to play?

We gather early "I want a tournament for this" - so, what do you want?

We knock out a few more details, and then finalize the info, posting it to the official Tournaments and Events forum!!

So - whatcha want to play?  Whatcha want to compete in?


No Super Street Fighter?!

I know that will bring our local crew of 8-10 out to play.

BTW Saif i am really eager to come out to your house one of these nights for soul Calibur ! everyone is invited right? new school has been kicking my ♥♥♥ thought

Will you PM me your phone number?

i would love to have an actual 2v2, 4v4 mw3 tourney. With that being said, I(notloc) and my brother(oneshot) are looking for a team to play on. we do go to every okgamers/gamestop tourney no matter what the game is. oh and X_A i would like to become a member of the team:D as much as i annoy you at the tournaments.


Apple - we've been switching into a "community lead" driven "Promotional Event" system.  Aka, when we go to throw an event like this, we talk to those community leaders for the games we know...

...well the SSF "community leaders" that we know locally, and help us out with hardware?  Are going to AR for a Bar deal they helped organize that day.  So without support, yes, I didn't specifically detail SSF a whole lot.  If you can help us out with a setup / console and game - that'd be all it takes :)

SC - it's a open invite to those we know from the scene; if they don't know us, come out and hang at this event, and we'll know you.  And bam, your good. 

Speaking of which - you are too hard to find on FB.  So - please either friend me, or go friend yourself into the Tulsa SC Players group - that'll help you yea.  And such.

Notloc - MW3 - it'll probably be either 2v2 or 4v4 - I'm waiting on HxC for that call, as well, they are more into the know on FPS than us / are effectively the community lead for that, etc.  We welcome more supporters, oneshot already filled out the form lol - so there ya go.


i got a vote for mw3 :)


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