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Thanks guys to those that have made requests; Blake keep an eye on email, just in case any of the reviewing staff have any questions, etc.



We realize several decisions are not made; also:

Starcraft 2
Super Smash Bros Brawl


We will update the requests on CL positions after 9/21/21.


Name:  Ben McNeal
Game/Tag:  Dota 2 / LinkinPudge
City:  Tulsa
Willing to travel to a limited extent; I have a full-time job with a flexible schedule.  Daily trips are no problem; anything longer is iffy.

I've been playing MOBA games since Aeon of Strife in WC3, the OG, and I have roughly 8-9 years of dota experience with over 5,000 matches played.  I even played at a semi-pro level once upon a time with guys like Pendragon, Guinsoo, and Merlini, though those days are long gone.  I play Dota regularly, but not religiously, and I know the game well enough to commentate on professional matches.

I play with about a dozen local players and plenty more from out of state, but the game is still currently in closed beta; I imagine these numbers will skyrocket once Dota 2 is officially released.  Even in beta, it is THE most played game on steam!

The last couple events I went to were Tokyo and Tulsa and OKGamers' yearly TCC event, but since there's not much Dota 2 support locally, most of my nerdy tournament time is spent online watching big-name dota players compete in major events (The most recent tournament had a 1st prize of $1,000,000 and over $1,600,000 in total prizes...!).


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