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Looking for A "new" Friend to play PC games with of all kind.

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Like The title Says, I'm looking for A Decent Friend to play games With.
looking for Someone in Tulsa, or Around is fine.

I'm Available Almost all day everyday to play, i don't do anything else but play games (and rofl, no i'm not fat).
Just looking for someone cool to play games with that's not a ♥♥♥♥♥.

I'm 20 years old, And have A pretty Decent rig.

Leave a message on Here if you like to play something,


if you play League of Legends we would be glad to have you join in with us xD we also play alot of different games.. Minecraft GW2 Smite planet side 2 ect.. add me on skype or on League of Legends xD   itzd3ad <== skype/LoL==> D3ADL

I'm always gaming on PC, I'm not around the Tulsa area though. I live in western Ok, I have a pretty good collection of games, mostly on Steam, hit me up on here, steam or skype, username for both is metalmusic89

Thank you Everyone for the Reply's.

I have added both of you who have replied.

I'm looking for people around Tulsa, for the fact to create a lan party, at my home or theirs,
And a 420 Friendly people would be awesome.

I also would like Everyone (or most) to have a mic and cam, Mic at least.

Skype - Hung.stick
oovoo - Hungstick

Would love to greet And Meet other gamers.

Just got My Dual Monitors Setup.

Hope to Hear from Y'all Soon.


League of Legends player IGN is Volspor, you can add me on Skype Volspor I'm sure we can get something going. :) I live in North Western Oklahoma.


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